10 Tips on Starting an E-sports Team


10 Tips on Starting an E-sports Team

We all know how good a business E-sports has grown to be. Online games that were traditionally considered time passers have been converted to a source of income that people are using as a source of livelihood. It is a growing business and averaging incomes of about $250 million a year, you can see why more individuals are keen on joining E-Sports business.

For a E-sports team to be successful, it needs to have proper management, enough revenue and motivated team members for it to stand a chance of winning in tournaments. It might look easy starting an E-sports team; I mean what’s so hard about assembling a couple of like-minded friends who are good at playing video games and registering the team? Well, on paper, it sounds and looks easy but in real sense it is a difficult task that only a few people have managed to accomplish. What does one need to start an E-sports team? Here are 10 tips on starting an E-sports team to help you set up a formidable team that will win championships;

1. Assemble a team of like-minded individuals

Let’s face it, you are not going to run a sports team on your own. The first step should be to assemble a team of two to three individuals preferably your friends who love video games and share the idea. If their thinking resonates with yours on the idea of starting a team, then you can proceed with the planning.

2. Proper planning

Once you agree that you want to start an E-Sports team, then you need to sit down with the stakeholders who in this case are your friends and plan ahead. Talk about what you really need to get out of the business and how big you want to go. Proper planning will make it easy to implement the idea and kick start the business.

3. Set up your objectives as a team

It might look a little early to start setting goals but it only motivates and gives the team a sense of direction. Set good achievable goals that you want to achieve as a team and the period of time within which you want to achieve the goals.

4. Revenue source

So, now that you have a sense of direction as a team and have an idea of what you want to achieve as a team, then it is time to focus on the source of funding for your team. Draft a starting budget and contribute in-house among your friends and see how much you lack as a team to start the business, Once you have an idea of how much you are lacking, then you can start thinking of other ways to fund the business.

5. Start small always

Considering how costly it is to set up a formidable E-sports team with high quality equipment, it is always advisable to start small. Make good use of the little funds you can raise and invest in good quality but not so expensive equipment. Buy just the necessary gaming equipment and then when you earn more funds you can upgrade.

6. Benchmark with the professionals

One good thing about professional gaming enthusiasts is their love for sharing ideas and helping one another prosper. As a budding E-sports team, take advantage of this virtue and benchmark other professional teams to get an idea about running a sports team.

7. Professionalism

Once you sign that pact to start an E-sports team, you and your fellow stakeholders should treat the gaming as a business and put your friendship aside. This way, you will treat issues with professionalism and will be increasing your chances of prospering.

8. Seek sponsorship

There are very many brands that are willing to sponsor E-sports teams in their endeavors. Brands are keen on advertising through this quickly growing industry and they will readily fund any good looking team once they are convinced the team has a bright future. Get your house in order and make as many applications as possible.

9. Recruit skilled players and grow your team

Once you take part in a few tournaments, you will realize the need to recruit more players to your team to increase chances of winning tourneys. Recruit skilled players and instilll discipline in them. Motivate them and let them know of your business’ objectives. Make time to train as a team and prepare for tournaments well enough. When the chance to take part in a tournament surfaces, make the most of it and strive to win.

10. Fans are an integral part of E-sports

Try hard to earn your team a huge fan base. Invite you friends to tournaments, set up social media pages to mobilize fans rally behind your team when playing in tournaments. Once you have won the hearts of fans, you will have an easy time sourcing for funds and selling your team.