10 Tips for Using Pinterest for Local Business Marketing


10 Tips for Using Pinterest for Local Business Marketing        

Pinterest’s undeniable charm and functionality has attracted multitudes and driven the platform to the limelight as a handy channel for local business marketing. Its current user base of 170 million is quickly growing and many consider it worthy of mention alongside social behemoths such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In a survey geared towards discovering the most preferred platform for online shoppers in the U.S, 55% chose Pinterest. It, therefore, goes that Pinterest can offer substantial value if utilized properly. The 10 tips below will help you get the most out of the platform when it comes to local business marketing.

Develop a marketing calendar and strategize in advance

Local markets are dynamic and depending on the season, people will be more likely to buy some goods more than others. Thanksgiving, Valentines, and Christmas days are perfect examples of the importance of being season sensitive to maximize marketing returns.

Given the seasonality of your local market, fashion a reflective marketing calendar in advance. Market romantic items during valentines, gifts during Christmas, etc. The key is to take into consideration not only the general seasonal trends but also the local occurrences likely to affect market dynamics such as a local holiday, a festival, or a celebration.

Develop a content strategy

In the same wavelength, implement a content strategy featuring helpful content that mirrors the local orientation of your business. For instance, if you run a travel business, start posting content and running campaigns showcasing the attractions in your area a few months to the summer. This way, you will access your target audience at the opportune time.

Ensure consistency

Marketing efficacy and consistency go hand in hand. You cannot, and should not expect optimal results from a campaign that you quit on halfway. Stick to your strategy of choice such as an update a day, a content piece every week, a campaign every fortnight, etc., and your marketing efforts will be more likely to bear fruit. More so, you will always be in sync with your followership as you build a bridge of trust, and familiarity.

Promote your material

As you implement your marketing strategy, you will notice that some pins will perform better than others. When you uncover such gems, repromote them to further exploit their value. However, be tactful about it to avoid watering down your brand image. You can do it once a month, or change a pin aspect such as the caption, for instance. Also, promote the high performing pieces on other platforms.

Cultivate relationships

Network and cultivate strategic relationships with brands as well as individuals who can help you further your business goals. In particular, go for influencers who command the attention of your ideal audience. You could start by following them, liking their posts, posting well though-out responses, etc. With time, you can approach them and forge mutually beneficial arrangements.

Let your personality shine through

Do not make the mistake of formatting your profile to be all about business. Spruce things up by showing a bit of personality. Share behind the scenes information to build intimacy and relatability, for example. Go a step further and give your business distinct personality traits. It could be wittiness, interest in charity, concern for pets, and such provided it is congruent with your business model.

Make use of the Pin it button

If you have a website or blog, both of which you should have if you are serious about business marketing, include the Pin it button in all your content pieces. This way, Pinterest lovers will spread your stand out pieces free of charge. Do not forget to encourage your readers to share the material by leveraging CTA’s.

Create focused boards

Pinterest has a laid back, casual atmosphere that can swallow the edge of business marketers who are susceptible to conforming. In this light, aim to create several enterprise specific boards that are purely about your business. Use the boards to drive your brand’s message in a creative manner. You can include your business name and aspects of your value proposition. In a nutshell, strive to achieve a balance between posting promotional material and helpful content.

Engage with your followership

Engagement is a crucial metric on all social sites and it will go a long way in helping you rapidly develop presence and rapport with your followers. Thus, engage commenters in a friendly manner and on a personal level to make them warm up to your brand. Greet commenters, answer their questions, reply to comments, etc.

Price your pins

A significant chunk of Pinterest users shop on the platform when they encounter likable items. To capitalize on this rich resource, add prices to relevant pins. In this manner, you will both communicate the items that are for sale, and convey your value proposition especially if it involves pocket friendly prices. However, remember that balance is crucial. Do not go overboard and price more pins than necessary.

In conclusion, name your content pieces prudently based on research on what people are likely to search for. Something like “cheap rentals Austin” or “fall cleaning ideas” should do. Also, make use of different content formats for variety.