10 Top Paying Affiliate Programs in 2016


10 Top Paying Affiliate Programs in 2016

Did you know that you can make lots of money online by enrolling into affiliate programs? Well, many people are making thousands of dollars today and we have listed the best affiliate programs that you can enroll to and earn lots of cash. Here are the 10 top paying affiliate programs in 2016;

10. OmniStar

The OmniStar Affiliate Program is a good choice for both merchants and affiliates. Its OSI Affiliate program not only lets you create their own affiliate network but also manage it. This therefore makes it less costly compared to other programs. The affiliates on the other hand can benefit from the software by getting merchants who have no affiliate network to try out the network.

9. PeerFly

This network is great for affiliates due to its proven reliability and the various attractive forms of commissions it offers. There are a wide range of payment methods at your disposal including PayPal, Check, Wire services and Payoneer among others. The offers are also diverse so it is easy to find that which meets your need. On the down side, its stenous approval system makes it difficult for just any one to enter the network.

8. eBay Partner Network

eBay is a powerhouse household name and this makes the program to have universal approval. It also offers lucrative commissions to affiliates and seasonal discounts. You will be spoiled for choice by the wide variety of products offered. Payment is via PayPal which makes it swifter. The approval system to this program is however very tough.

7. Neverblue

Neverblue promises quality, reliability, diversity and smooth service delivery. The sigh up is fairly simple and also has an excellent user interface for optimum navigation. Its personalized tracking system makes organization seamlessly easier.

6. ShareAsale

This program guarantees an expansive network of merchants and hence a wide platform for affiliates to choose from. Making up your mind on which offer best suits your needs is made easier as ShareASale allows you to evaluate the various offers. Payment is also delivered on time with no fuss. The only disadvantage of this program is its unreliable reporting interface.

5. LinkShare

The LinkShare makes administration of your website much easier through automatic rotation through banner ads for a certain product. It also offers great flexibility as you can choose the page of the merchant’s site hence better customization. The network is however smaller than other programs such as ShareASale.

4. Clickbank

The Clickbank is a perfect choice for digital product vendors. This is due to the great number of vendors in the program, higher commission rates and a great track record of making timely payments. You will also not have to register each product once you get your affiliate ID.

3. Commission Junction

Due to its vast network and thousands of partners, the Commission Junction is the one-stop shop in the affiliate industry. Payment is also timely and reliable. The robust capabilities of the program is greatly robust which ensures optimal performance.

2. Amazon Associates

With millions of vendors and thousands of affiliates, Amazon has the largest affiliate program in the industry. Its program mechanism is non-technical and very simple to use. You don’t need to be a tech-expert to use it. It has the widest range of products for users to choose from. The commissions offered is however lower than some programs.

1. Google AdSense

AdSense, an affiliate program network owned by Google, offers the highest revenue share for publishers. Its approval system is fairly flexible since it requires very little traffic. Your articles must however be unique and of the highest quality. It also allows for linguistic diversity as it supports over thirty different languages. You can also choose from the various monetization options such as earning money through posting ads, search, videos, mobile sites, online gaming among other methods. It also supports many ad formats such as display ads, link ads, video ads etc.