10 Ways Car Dealerships Can take Advantage of Pokemon Go


10 Ways Car Dealerships Can take Advantage of Pokemon Go

Car dealerships that depend on physical foot traffic are now in a position to take advantage of all of the exposure of Pokemon Go when it’s structured as a marketing platform. Below are 10 strategies that can be used by car dealerships to gain more traffic.

Creating Lures to Attract Players

Lures have been known to be the best form of inducement that players can use on Pokemon Go. They can be purchased for just a little as $1, as it attracts players to various different destinations that are closest to Pokestops and Gyms. When car dealerships are near one of the Pokemon landmarks, business owners and managers purchase lures that last up to 30 minutes all while attracting players.

Structure Rivalries to Attract Teammates

It’s the team rivalries that cause Pokemon Go to be an exceptionally exciting adventure because it increases competition, which is another way that dealership can get involved. By structuring rivalries as well as rewards for winners in the dealership itself, it will increase, because 1 player that notices the discounts located at the car dealership will eventually attract other teammates.

Reward Players

All the excitement centered around Pokemon Go is mainly fueled by the desire of the players to not only play, but also to explore the adventure centered around it, and there’s no better way to build traffic other than to add incentives to the experience. Car dealers can take advantage by offering different savings and discounts to the players based on their level in the game.

Dealerships Can Sponsored a Location

The Pokemon Go game provides additional opportunities for businesses to transform into a sponsored location. This referring to areas in the virtual game space that is able to attract traffic and provide incentives for Pokemon Go hunters.

Invite Signage

Since Pokemon Go is associated with interactive engagements a signage can be put up by a car dealership, while inviting Pokemon Go hunters to play their favorite game while searching through the car inventory.

Contests and Promotions

Players can be encouraged to visit the premise if car dealerships offer sale benefits to those that take screenshots of Pokemon on the premises then share it on a social media platform while naming the dealer within the hashtag.

Integrate with Other Social Media Platforms

When ever there’s something hot trending, you’ll find the Millennials following along. This is a great time for car dealership can take full advantage of this opportunity by making sure that what takes place at the showroom are also shared on different social media platforms to further enhance the exposure.

Customize Different Departments into Hunting Grounds for Players

Hunting grounds make great attractions for Pokemon players. So Car dearlers can easily customize their service departments into hunting grounds, which will ensure customers can play their favored game as they’re checking out the inventory.

Add Charging Locations by Optimizing the Showroom

Players gravitate to locations where they can interact with other Pokemon players. Provide charging locations to ensure Pokemon hunters enjoy their game while enticing other players to join in. This strategy will also increase traffic.

10. Correlating Sales Events With Lure Modules

Obtaining the maximum sales event is the main reason for having it in place. Hence there nothing’s better at guaranteeing traffic than being sure activating lure modules is scheduled with the date of the actual event. This increases traffic and interest in the inventory.

Car dealers are in the perfect position to take advantage of the Pokemon Go craze to gain traffic to their facility while increasing sales.