10 Ways Car Dealerships Can Use Facebook


Ten Ways Car Dealerships Can Use Facebook

A recent study conducted found that most car shoppers, this is for the third consecutive year, ranked the social networks such as Facebook, more important than having a dealership website; this is when they are choosing which dealership they should visit. It is according to DataMentors http://goo.gl/rdK9wf.

Facebook has become a significant influence, especially when it comes to car shopping. At this point, it is important to note the ten ways a car dealership can use Facebook to increase sales.

1.   First essential step is engagement

When posting on your Facebook page, your number one goal is catching the attention of the viewer, as they are your potential customers. If you fail at this essential step then probably you might fail in running your car dealership page. However, you will need to remember people do not like being sold to all the time, first build the needed rapport. Once you have built trust with your followers and got them engaged with your posts, you can start the sales pitch.

2.   Show off your Cars

The power of suggestion is a vital marketing tool and is adamant on Facebook; it applies in particular to those car images that will immediately ignite the passions and sense of an individual. Ensure the captivating image lists the specifics of the car to excite the car buyer. You will need to ensure the picture appeals to the fans senses by showing off your products in quality images.

3.   Sell the lifestyle that surrounds your product

Other than having a compelling image, it is important to understand that you are not only selling your product, you are also selling a lifestyle that surrounds the particular vehicle. What this means is, try post images that will show an example of your ideal customer using the car in a setting that will make sense for your target demographic and brand.

4.   You need to get more likes

To increase engagement on your posts, you need to ensure you have fans; in that case, getting likes is your number two goal. Many small businesses would get their family and friends to be the first burst of likes. However, there is no need to have people like your page and they will never be engaging. Additionally, having so many non-engaging fans will hurt your page. Therefore, as a small business it is advisable you use promoted page likes.

5.   Have some giveaway and a contest

Research conducted found that 42 percent of people like a brand on Facebook if there is a possibility of winning a coupon, according to Shopify http://goo.gl/M1ljpv. In simple terms, you should have deals that you randomly give your fans.

6.   Have time sensitive discounts

A giveaway can increase your fan base, but also time sensitive discounts can be very useful. In fact, time sensitive discounts will be able to get people to take action and move the needle when you need to. Making it a very effective tool when you want to offer your fans an incentive, in turn, it increases your sales.

7.   Boost some posts

Promoting your post is ideal because it is very simple it is an easy way for you to measure the result and an effective way to get faster results. The other benefit of boosting your post is you can choose a particular demographic, or your existing fans and their friends.

8.   Make it very easy to contact you

Before social media, the old ways of marketing, be it radio, print or TV, they would ensure there is a visible phone number for the business. The medium of marketing may have changed over the years but the necessity of your potential customers being able to contact you easily has not.

9.   Write some fresh content, twice a day, five times a week

It does not mean you have to do this Monday to Friday at specific times; instead, try to release fresh content at different times in a day. Additionally, you can try posting on various days and see what works best for your page. You will need to understand Facebook is not a Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm kind of job.

10.   Be real, be authentic and be personable

The above points can help increase your car dealership sales, but what is important is you need to ensure you are human. Ensure your posts sound like an average person and something that is accepting of everyone.

Final thoughts

When it comes to selling a vehicle on Facebook, it is important that you strike a proper balance between the creations of engaging content that will build up your fan base, while also being able to nudge your followers towards your luxurious products.