10 Ways Car Dealerships Can Use Instagram


10 Ways Car Dealerships Can Use Instagram

Social media has truly transformed not only the way we interact with the world but has also provided a platform for business to advertise and sell their products and services. Since its debut into the social scene back in 2010, Instagram has really grown in popularity and has billions of active members. The high number of active members have made the photo and video sharing platform a prime hub for people to promote their businesses.

Car dealerships are also getting in on the act. Many car dealerships worldwide today are taking to social media and specifically Instagram to showcase and sell their motor vehicles. For car dealerships to succeed in marketing and promoting their businesses through Instagram, they have to adopt a working mechanism, strategy and posting cycle. To help car dealerships make the most of Instagram and boost their sales we have provided a few tips and tricks to make the Instagram marketing campaigns successful. Here are 10 ways car dealerships can use Instagram to better their sales;

1. Post great amazing photos of the available cars

Instagram was primarily launched to be a platform for sharing photos and videos. As a car dealership, there is no better way of promoting your brand and business than posting professional photos of the cars available for sale in your retail store for example. Post the best possible photos to market your business.

2. Videos are a great Instagram tool

Do you have new arrivals in your dealership? Is there something cool coming up that you want the potential clients to know about? Make short videos on the new cars and any upcoming events in your dealership as they will attract the attention of the masses and land you potential clients.

3. Use Instagram to post contacts, addresses and the links to your company website

On your car dealership page, post the contacts, address and link to the company website. If a client that follows your page likes a car that is in your dealership, the available contacts or link to your website will make it easier for him/her to reach you.

4. Connect with your potential client

You never know who the potential car buyer can be. Always engage the followers on Instagram but be as professional as possible. Reply to comments and let the followers of the car dealership page feel the need to engage you from time to time.

5. Use Instagram to determine what the public loves

There is no better way of finding out whether the American public loves a certain car model than by posting it on your page and asking them to buy it. It is here that they will post what they feel about the car. Read through the comments and you will get some very positive feedback that will be useful for the dealership.

6. Use Instagram to announce offers and special sales

There are thousands other car dealerships out there trying to move their brands on Instagram. To be unique and attract more customers, post about offers on cars or clearance sales on Instagram and entice your potential buyers. Don’t try too hard to sell though as this is a major put off.

7. Make use of Instagram for business blog

Owing to the tremendous success of business advertising on Instagram, they started the Instagram for Business blog which provides marketing tips, brand spotlights among other important business insights. AS a car dealership you should be keen to read the blog and get the latest techniques to employ in your business.

8. Use Instagram to benchmark on the car business

Is there a rival car dealership that you have been secretly envying and wish to learn more about them incognito? Well, Instagram provides the best platform to benchmark and learn from the best. Follow such accounts and you might learn a thing or two from them.

9. Use Hashtags to further push your brand

Make use of Instagram hashtags to promote your brand. Use brand specific hashtags that are creative, easy and appealing to your followers that they will want to get it on the act. Make good use of the hashtags and always remain relevant. Long meaningless hashtags will only be a put off to potential customers. Keep them short and simple

10. Use image analytic tools to measure the success of your posts

Want to know how your car posts are doing on Instagram? Well, there are a couple of image analytic tools that provide insights on the activity involving all your image postings. Tools like Curalate are helpful and will make you get a better understanding on how well you are faring on Instagram.