10 ways car dealerships can use Pokemon Go


10 ways car dealerships can use Pokemon Go

The ultimate sensation of augmented reality has taken over how businesses handle marketing and advertising strategies. Businesses that rely on foot traffic are enjoying and utilizing the craze around Pokemon Go and car dealerships can also take advantage of the game to gain exposure. There are different strategies that can be used when structuring Pokemon Go as a marketing platform and here are 10 that car dealerships can use to get more traffic.

Creating lures
Lures are by far the most attractive inducement that can be used on Pokemon Go. Lures are bought for as little as $1 and attract players to destinations that are in close proximity to Pokestops and Gyms. If a car dealership is close to one of these Pokemon landmarks, the business can buy lures that last 30 minutes and thereby attract players.

Structure App team rivalries
Team rivalries are what make Pokemon Go an exciting adventure as they increase competition. Structuring rivalries and rewards for winners within the dealership will ensure increased traffic since 1 player that identifies the discounts at the car dealership will ultimately attract teammates.

Reward players
The thrill around Pokemon Go is fueled by the desire to play and explore adventure and what better way to get traffic than to incentivize the experience. A car dealership can offer savings and discounts to players that correlate with their level in the game.

Make the dealership a sponsored location
The Pokemon Go game offers a chance for businesses to transform their premises into sponsored locations. These are places within the virtual game that attract traffic and incentivize the visit of Pokemon Go hunters.

Place inviting signage
Pokemon Go is all about interactive engagement and with this, a car dealership can put up signage inviting Pokemon Go hunters to play their favorite game as they search the car inventory.

Run a contest/promotion
Car dealerships can encourage players to visit the premise by offering sale benefits to players who take a screenshot of Pokemon at the premises and share it on social media while naming the dealer in the resultant hashtag.

Integrate with social media
Millennials follow up on sensations that are trending and car dealership can exploit this by ensuring the experiences at the showroom are shared on social media platforms including twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat in order to enhance the exposure.

Customize service departments into hunting grounds
Hunting grounds for Pokemon are a major attraction for players and customizing the service departments to become hunting grounds will ensure potential customers get to play their favored game while checking out the inventory.

Optimize the showroom by adding charging locations
Pokemon Go players are attracted to locations where they can interact with other players and create an engaging atmosphere. Providing charging locations will ensure Pokemon hunters get to enjoy their game and entice other players to join which will ultimately increase the traffic.

Ensure sales events coincide with lure modules
Maximizing on a sales event is the whole point of having it in place and there is no better way to guarantee traffic to the event than making sure the activation of lure modules coincides with the date of the event. This will strategy will guarantee the car dealership business gets the desired traffic during the event with many flocking to play as well as search the inventory.

The Pokemon Go craze is the best marketing angle that car dealerships can utilize to gain traffic to their premises and increase sales as a result.