10 Ways Car Dealerships Can Use SnapChat


10 Ways Car Dealerships Can Use SnapChat

Have you ever thought of snapchat as a way to have a conversation that leads to conversations that lead to sales? Today, social media is a vehicle for driving profits. Based on the 2014 CMO Council report on social analytics inside the auto industry, 23% of car buyers to communicate and discuss a recent purchase. This is an indication that social media creates a way to engage your customers in places they are spending their time, (i.e., Snapchat). With roughly 100 million active daily users according to snapchat.com/ads, you can earn yourself future customers and create a strong brand for your car dealership through social engagement. Here are ten ways your car dealership can use Snapchat in your overall social media strategy.

Use On-Demand Geofilters to Promote Sales

Geofilters are now open for business everywhere. A geofilter is a Snapchat lens that allows a user to place small art graphics over a photo. The On-Demand geofilter allows a user to communicate to their followers when, where and why they took a photo. You can encourage your customers to use this app once they have purchased a vehicle or in a case where your dealership is having a sales event.

Capitalize on Your Happy Customers

A good way of doing this is taking a picture of your customer next to their purchase and posting it on your dealership’s Snapchat live stories. Posting about your happy customers could lead to potential new customers for your dealership.

Induce Flash Sales

Make your Snapchat followers fell special by offering them an exclusive sale for the next 24-48 hours. If you are running a promotion, you can share such information by adding a short video to your Snapchat story to get the message out. Make sure you encourage your followers to screenshot the Snap and share it with their friends.

Encourage Sale Staff to Promote Inventory Via Snapchat

Snapchat is a storytelling medium that offers your dealership an opportunity to create a compelling narrative for your followers. Encourage your sales staff to take photos and short videos of new arrivals and post them to your Snapchat story. In doing so, your followers become aware of your inventory in real time.

Share Occasional Discounts or Coupon Codes

This strategy converts followers into sales and at the same time provides room to grow your Snapchat followers. Share exclusive codes that will allow your followers to get a discounted service at your dealership. Also, sharing coupon opportunities entices your followers to shop at your dealership with a feeling that they are in the know on offers not available to others.

Staff Features

Featuring your staff in your Snapchat story adds a personality touch to your posts. By sharing your company’s culture and the people behind your brand humanizes your dealership. This makes your dealership more relatable which aids in the sales process.

Introduce Contests

Snapchap provides a fantastic way to facilitate a contest. People love to win things and offering your followers a contest to win a free oil change, or an accessory is a great way of engaging your customers both online and offline. Posting the excitement of a winner on Snapchat once they come in to collect their prize is more likely to turn leads into customers.

Use Snapchat to Offer Maintenance Tips

Providing value to your audience will keep them engaged and always coming back for more. Using Snapchat to provide consistent and educational maintenance tips is a great way of keeping your customers and prospects engaged on social media.

Share Safety Features and Used Car Promotions

With the highest number of Snapchat users mainly aged 13-25 years, sharing safety features and used car promotions is a great way to connect with young car buyers. Most parents will buy their children a car at 16-17 years of age. Sharing safety features and car promotions can turn leads into sales in your dealership.

Host a Q&A Snapchap

This is a great way of creating a meaningful relationship between your dealership and your followers. Hosting a Q&A Snapchat encourages your followers to send in questions that you can answer. This gives them a feeling of recognition and a personal connection to your dealership.