10 Ways Car Dealerships Can Use YouTube


10 Ways Car Dealerships Can Use YouTube

YouTube is a perfect marketing tool. Secondly, it is the second largest search engine after Google globally. Statistics show that about three million searches are done on YouTube on a monthly basis. Here are ways on how car dealerships can make use of YouTube.

Offer as much information as possible

Always remember that your page is the first interaction that your clients will have with your business. It is important to offer all the relevant information that you think may be of interest to them. Include your contact information and the links to social media pages.

Posting the right videos

Posting the right videos will generate more leads. The videos posted should balance between offering valuable content and entertain. Consider posting practical stock videos that will promote sales.


Do you have feedback from a happy client? Make a video of them in their car, ask them for their thoughts and what they enjoyed most. A video testimonial is a great marketing tool.

Behind the scenes footage

To create some sense of personality to your videos, consider creating a behind the scenes footage. It may be the birthday of a sales person. Create a fun video of the staff and share it on social media.

Optimize your videos

Knowing the position of YouTube in the search engines competition, it is important to optimize your videos. Using user-friendly terms for the video titles is one of the ways.

Share your videos on social media platforms

After uploading the stock videos, share them on Facebook and Twitter. Embed the videos on the social sites and website for added SEO benefits.

Update or change the YouTube titles

It is important that the YouTube channel should represent your brand. Get creative while formulating the title. Include a few relevant keywords in the title.

If need be, change the title if you feel it is no longer relevant or outdated.

YouTube Icon

The YouTube icon is the profile picture. It is crucial to upload the dealership logs to your site. It creates a personality for the brand. The icon should represent the brand.

Right choice of keywords

Choosing the right set of keywords is an aspect a dealer must not overlook. Using the right keywords increases the Google rankings for the searches made. It is important to use phrases and keywords that clients tend to use frequently. Over time, update and change the keywords in the bid to remain relevant.

10. Uploading a channel trailer to the dealership channel

A channel trailer is used to target the non-subscribers. It is the video that will land them to your YouTube channel. Subscribers, however, will not see the trailer.

Another benefit of the trailer channel is that it will educate the non-subscriber viewer on what you are dealing with making it easy for them to subscribe. It is not a sales pitch video; it is a way of showing the viewer the valuable information you wish to share with them. Additionally, the video should not be longer than two minutes.


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