10 Ways Dentists Can take Advantage of Pokemon Go


10 Ways Dentists Can take Advantage of Pokemon Go

Unless you are not a habitat of Planet Earth, you must have heard about the Pokémon Go craze. You may have seen people walking around while staring intently at their phones. Blame the Pokemon Go craze. Did you know that businesses can take advantage of the Pokemon Go craziness to popularize their practices.

Here is how dentists can advantage of the game craziness to boost their businesses.

1. Offering charging stations and WiFi

Create a WiFi hotspot and charging point for the Pokemon Go players who may have visited your dental practice. By doing so, you are bound to increase your customers in the process.

2. Make your shop a Pokestop

It is important to make your shop a Pokestop. By doing so, you may earn yourself new clients.

3. Hosting a Pokemon Party

Once in a while organize a Pokemon contest in your shop. Make the contest known using the social media platforms or placing a signage on the windows. Ensure you have enough charging points and stable WiFi connections. Additionally, you can offer refreshments and discounts. Get the players’ tee shirts bearing the company name too.

4. Social media offers

Do not underestimate the power of social media. Use the social media tools to make public notices concerning your business. For instance, one may offer discounts for patients who tag the shop as one of their Pokestops. Alternatively, reward the winners of the contest held in your shop.

5. Offer discount and prizes to the people in your locality

Most of the people playing Pokémon Go are people who commute or live in your neighborhood. If there is a gym or Pokémon store near your business, you may decide to give discounts on the winning team. One may also give discounts to the team that makes the rarest catch or achieve certain levels in the game.

6. Make the practice Poke-friendly

There are certain things that can be done to make the shape more Poe friendly. For instance, having charging centers for the players is one way. Alternatively, you can encourage the employees to play with the visitors.

7. Locating and sharing the nearest Pokestop and sharing on social media

Encourage the employees and players to share to tag and share their nearest Pokestops on social media.

8. Invite players to a challenge

Once in a while, invite different players to come for a game in your practice. While at it, ensure that the needs of the players are met. It is one of the ways of attracting new clients to your business.

9. Invest to earn

Dentists can grab the players’ attention with the stops and lures. There are Pokémon items that can assist increase the traffic to the practice. For those with a Pokestop near them, adding a lure module to it. However, it requires some investing.

10. Advertising in Pokémon Go

It is rumored that Pokémon Go may be releasing ads in-game. It is an opportunity that companies can take advantage to make their business known. Offering coupons and discounts to the Pokémon players near you. It is a constant reminder that there is a dental practice near them.