10 Ways to do Digital Marketing in Mandarin


10 Ways to do Digital Marketing in Mandarin

If you are a company located in China or targeting a Chinese audience, it might be worse to market your products and services in Mandarin. It is the official literal form used in China and it is used by more than 800 million people. That is a staggering number that you as a service provider should be keen to reach. Advertising in Mandarin will reach more people including the natives who haven’t learnt English and other foreign languages. Here are the 10 Ways in which you can do advertising in Mandarin and reach more Chinese people;

Build a Local Website

You should design your website to suit the Chinese user preference and experiences instead of translating the content to Mandarin. Register your domain with .cn and preferably use a local web-hosting provider.

Monitor Local Trends and news

By keeping up-to-date with the latest local news and trends, you stand a good chance to understand the market more. Decisions about which products or services the consumers need and at which price can be easily decided with the necessary market information

Create Content in Local Language

Just merely translating your website into the local language will not be enough in convincing the local people in buying your products. In order to adequately engage clients, write your content in the local language and also use the local slang for good measure. People will feel more at home and will be encouraged to engage with you by making purchases or seeking services from you.

Leverage Traffic From Local Search Engines

You should consider using the local search engines such as Baidu and Sagou when choosing your search engine optimization and paid search marketing. This search engines provide the tools you will require to penetrate the local market.

Run Local Keyword Research

Keywords are an important tool by which users interact with the search engines. Use the local keyword tools such as that which is provided by Baidu whose suggestion tools have great coverage.

Leverage Traffic From Local Yellow Pages

Consider using Local Pages which many users utilize in order to popularize your brand. Examples of local yellow pages you can use are Hao12.com and 2345.com.

Engage users through Local Social Media

You should use the local online Broadcasting tools so as to reach a lot of people. One such tool is Weibo which is popular with the younger generation.

Engage users through local mobile marketing

WeChat is a great mobile marketing tool you should consider using. With a wide user base, WeChat might just be the best viral tool you need to market website.

Build a Local Customer Care/Support Team

You should ensure that your customer care/ Support team have vast knowledge of the local culture and language and are stationed in the same time-zone as the users. The customer service experience should be as smooth and friendly as possible.

Use Local Online inhabitants

Having local online marketers, Content writers, translators and web analysts is very important. This is because their prior knowledge of the market make them great assets in guiding you in the local market.