10 Ways to Find Digital Marketing Clients


10 Ways to Find Digital Marketing Clients

Like all businesses, companies that provide digital marketing services, also have the responsibility of drumming up more business for themselves in order to keep a steady flow of clients. Thankfully, this area of services is in great demand, as it is important for businesses to maintain a web presence.

There are a variety of different services needed in the digital marketing space. That provides a great opportunity for digital marketing service providers to capitalize on these opportunities. To get started, started below are 10 ways that you can get more digital marketing clients flowing into your business.

1. Have Plenty of Samples and a Great Portfolio of Your Work

There’s no better way to attract digital marketing clients than to have great samples of your work readily available for them to see. That way you could provide them with a model of how digital marketing could work for them as well.

2. Article and Content Writing

Write articles and content about the importance of having digital marketing services performed on an ongoing basis in an effort to attract new clients.

3. Establish Relationships to Obtain Repeat Clients

Most people with an online presence will need to maintain their content and keep their information updated. This will lend itself to a greater need the digital marketing services and that’s where you come in. You want to be the person they turn to when they need their site updated. Positioning yourself in advance will help you when them over as a repeat client.

4. Offer a Combo Pack

If you have one client that is concerned about keeping his digital marketing material updated, then you have the opportunity to offer a variety of services through a combo pack. Such as

Six flyers a year for each of the main holidays that can be used as an Eblast

Four newsletters a year, or

Multiple website banners

5. Set a Goal to talk to 3-5 People a Day About Your Business

If you get in the habit of mentioning your business to at least 3 to 5 people a day, then you’ll constantly be planting seeds that could be there at a later time.

6. Join as Many Social Networking Platform as Possible

Since potential customers find businesses through a variety of different social networking platforms, you want to be sure to be on as many of them as possible so that you can be found easily whenever people are in need of digital marketing services.

7. Get in the Habit of Following Up

Make a note of clients who expressed an interest in utilizing your services at a later date and follow up with them at that time.

8. Show Potential Clients How You Can Solve Their Problems

Find out what kind of problems the majority of people are having with respect to digital marketing and be prepared to solve as many of them as possible based on your particular service offering.

9. Ask For Referrals

Don’t be afraid to ask your current customers for referrals customers for referrals. This strategy can go a long way.

10. Put Emphasis on The Benefits Of Clients Using Your Digital Marketing Services

Let potential clients know what benefits they will receive upon utilizing your digital marketing services. Such as increasing traffic, increasing rankings in the search engines through the use of SEO services and increasing their sales.