10 ways to get started with digital marketing in China


10 ways to get started with digital marketing in China

China is one among the digitally developed markets across the globe and tapping into the same requires astute efforts tuned to capture the target audience effectively at their comfort zone. Digital marketing can be captured perfectly if you trace specific approaches that define the marketing campaign and give your brand an identity. There are several considerations you have to make before venturing into digital marketing in China. When getting started, you have to consider:

Hiring a PPC specialist

Digital marketing in China is unlike in the other markets and this calls for a focused approach that will capture the potential clients. Hiring a PPC specialist from China will allow you to optimize for the local audience and hence effectively capture the market.

Creating a web presence

When looking at digital marketing in China, having a web presence is vital as it is what will guide your growth. It also authenticates your brand and ensures that you are in the best possible capacity to reach your key demo.

Creating a Chinese consumer persona

You can only be effective with digital marketing in China if you know the focus points that you have to keep in mind. Getting these perspectives can be achieved by creating a Chinese consumer persona that will inform your decision-making through the campaign structuring process.

Establishing a Content Delivery Network

The consumer market in China is versatile and this means your approach needs to take a systematic approach. Establishing a Content Delivery Network that nodes from the local setting will allow your brand to have the localized feel which will improve traffic and also lead to consumers maintaining a higher liking for products and services offered.

Optimizing for local engines

Structuring a digital marketing strategy in China has to be informed by a process of optimization whereby you optimize for the local engines like Baidu and Qihoo. This will ensure your site becomes visible to locals and that you increase the authenticity of your website.

Setting up localized Micro-Sites

The key to getting more traffic and visitors to your site in China is utilizing micro-sites. Micro-sites complement your main site and offer a local touch to the product or service on offer. With this, it is possible to attract potential clients.

Learning about ranking algorithms

Before you begin digital marketing in China, a thorough analysis has to be done on the operation of the ranking algorithms that local engines utilize. This will give you a favorable idea of how to approach the marketing campaign in order to gain favorable rankings on the respective engines.

Researching on purchasing habits

The crucial step to take before beginning a digital marketing campaign in China is identifying the purchasing habits that your key demographic has. This research becomes effective when it comes to making a decision on the specific approaches for the respective markets.

Researching available paid and organic search options

It is always important to identify the options you have with the paid and organic searches and it becomes even more significant in China where digital development is extensive. Researching on the paid and organic options will give you an idea of how to structure your marketing campaign to achieve the desired impact.

Identifying your traffic sources

Identifying the relevant and reliable sources of traffic to your site is important as it enables you have a focused digital marketing campaign. It also allows you to establish a connection with them and with the brand which what builds authenticity.