10 Ways Graphic Designers Can take Advantage of Pokémon Go


10 Ways Graphic Designers Can take Advantage of Pokémon Go

Pokemon GO users spend on average 75 minutes daily playing the game. It is an indication that the game has gained a lot of popularity. As a matter of fact, it was the most downloaded mobile app in the app store in its first week. It is an interesting game that will keep the players glued.

How can graphic designers take advantage of Pokemon Go? Here are some of the ways.

It is relaxing as it involves a lot of walking

It is practically impossible to play Pokémon Go without moving around. Walking is important especially for those who sit for long hours. Graphic designers can take advantage of the game to get out and walk around. Needless to say, working is the best exercise one can do. It is free too.

Chance to get fresh air and sunlight

It may sound cliché but breathing fresh air boosts the health and mood of individuals. Graphic designers need to get a break from the creative side. Playing Pokémon Go gives the creative gurus the chance to feel the outdoor atmosphere.

It is Educational

For one to catch Pokémon, Pokeballs are needed. The Pokeballs are found in the Poker stops. The Pokestops contain historical markers and landmarks. The game has an educational aspect that may benefit graphic designers. It keeps dementia at bay.

Brings people together

Pokémon Go has brought many people together. People say that technology drifts people apart, but this game has brought people together. Graphic designers who love the game tend to create a united front. It is a game that people of all ages enjoy.

Offers mental breaks

It is important to take brief breaks in the course of working. For graphic designers, the situation is no different. Graphic designers can take a break and play Pokémon Go without totally getting off the track.

It reduces depression and anxiety

Playing Pokémon Go helps reduce the feeling of depression among the players. Twenty minutes of playing is enough to elevate the moods of an anxious and depressed person. It is a beneficial way of dealing with depression especially for those without an alternative medication. Graphic designers who are victims of depression will greatly benefit from the game.

Improves cognitive development

Graphic designers who play Pokémon Go can enhance their cognitive skills. It helps them gain cognitive development by incorporating elements of planning and strategy. Also, it facilitates logical thinking.

Non-violent and allows physical activity

People of all ages, children included, can play the game. It is not a violent game. It is a game that brings people together while encouraging physical activity.

Helps patients with autism

People suffering from autism can enhance their skills by playing the game.

Discovering new experiences and areas

Playing the game helps people discover new areas and experiences. It gives the graphic designer the chance to get new inspirations.

Tips while playing Pokemon Go

Do not drive

Avoid isolated areas

Stay hydrated