10 Ways Lawyers can take Advantage of Pokémon Go


10 Ways Lawyers can take Advantage of Pokémon Go

Lawyers looking to market their practice can choose to focus and capitalize on the Pokémon Go craze as it has the potential to scale their practice and ensure increased traffic in form of clients. There are varied strategies that can be adopted by lawyers to make Pokémon Go work for them as an advertising platform.

Make their premises a Pokestop

Pokestops attract Pokémon Go players and this means that the law offices will attract the potential clients who check in as players. With all the engaging and interaction that a Pokestop location provides, lawyers can take advantage and listen to concerns as build towards converting the traffic into clients.

Advertising Pokémon tied offers

With the Pokémon craze continuing to cause waves, tying offers to the game is an effective way of getting clients. Advertising Pokémon Tied offers also invites players that can contribute to a recommendation program that will increase traffic to a law firm.

Inviting Pokehunters to play

With millennials, the idea is to have fun while interacting and this is what Pokémon Go offers. Lawyers can structure an invitation strategy that will attract players to their law offices and allow them to play and interact while sampling the services of the firm.

Scheduling lures

Since the law profession is tied to everyday life and events, scheduling lures is an effective way for lawyers to capture the traffic at specific times of the day and ensure that they learn of what the law firm is offering and how they can benefit.

Offering Gamer discounts

Lawyers can take advantage of Pokémon Go by offering discounts on every client that books a service or a retainer. This strategy will incentivize players to play, interact and register so as to get the discounts.

Encouraging Pokehunters to share on social media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool and encouraging the Pokémon players to share the experiences they have had at the offices of a law firm on social media will incentivize others to come thereby increasing traffic.

Tagging poke characters with daily givings

Lawyers can tag Pokémon characters and transform their brand recognition status which will attract Pokehunters and thereby offer an opportunity of converting the traffic to clients.

Participating in battles

Pokémon players love to engage in battles and a law firm that is targeting the millennials can make use of the game to bring in clients by participating in battles and being members of respective teams within the game which will increase interaction as well as attract clients.

Hashtag the game and the law firm together

Hash tags are meant to trend and spark a conversation and lawyers can utilize the hashtags by ensuring that the game is mentioned in the same wavelength as the firm which will trigger a conversation and ensure the firm gets recognition.

Giving tips on Pokémon as well as law practice

Marketing has changed over time which means new strategies are in play. Lawyers can adopt the new tactics by providing tips on how to maximize the experience on Pokémon Go while mentioning the services and benefits that the law firm offers.