10 ways marketers can take advantage of Pokemon Go


10 ways marketers can take advantage of Pokemon Go

Marketers who are targeting advanced advertising strategies can adopt Pokemon Go as a platform as it guarantees traffic. Marketers on the online platform can experience the power of Pokemon Go by utilizing specific tactics that can exploit the full potential of the game. The varied tactics for getting the best out of Pokemon Go are;

Organizing contests

Pokemon Go is an interactive game which thrives on adventure. Contests bring players together enhance the spirit of adventure which is what can facilitate increased traffic that will prove effective in the marketing campaign.

Structuring incentives

Incentives attract players and the traffic that is generated as a result of the increased number of players is what translates to effective marketing. Incentives also serve as crucial determinants of the way players take to games within the business setting.

Targeting location-wise gravitation of traffic

Pokemon Go offers players the chance to enjoy playing within specific geographic locations. This allows increased traffic to specific locations where marketers can engage and structure a conversion campaign to turn the traffic into clients.

Utilizing trends

With Pokemon Go, the idea is to catch them all and that creates an adventurous path that players resonate with. Marketers can therefore utilize the trend in sharing the scores to create an advertising platform where rewards are given for specific targets.

Rewarding players

Pokemon as a game thrives on creating a reality that people can delve into and enjoy an adventure. Marketers can reward the individuals who reach specific targets and hence create a buzz around the reward scheme.

Buying lures

Lures are attractions that ensure players get to converge at a particular destination to enjoy the adventures of the game. Marketers can buy lures and hence attract the players to the preferred destinations guaranteeing increased traffic.

Discounts for players

In a bid to attract potential clients and ensure they are converted to customers, offering discounts serves as a perfect strategy and marketers can take advantage of the Pokemon game by offering the players the discounts to guarantee they check in to the target businesses.

Picturing Pokemon with products

The Pokemon craze is the perfect bit of advertisement that can transform the traffic to a business. Marketers can opt for taking pictures of Pokemon alongside the products in the respective businesses which will ultimately attract customers and ensure increased traffic.

Offering Wi-Fi and charging stations in businesses

Marketers can take advantage of Pokemon Go by setting up charging stations and offering free Wi-Fi for paying customers. This will attract players and ensure they get to have a good time playing while enjoying the products and or services that a business offers.

Making a business a point of interest

When a business is converted into a point of interest, Pokemon players get to see it in the augmented reality and gravitate towards it in a bid to increase the adventure they can experience. Marketers can then tap the traffic and structure a conversion process where the potential customers are given incentive to become full time customers.