10 Ways Restaurants Can take Advantage of Pokemon Go


10 Ways Restaurants Can take Advantage of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is basically the hottest smartphone game on the planet. Or are you not convinced just yet? Just two weeks after launch Pokemon GO had over 26 million players in the U.S and more daily active users than Twitter. Believe it or not, Pokemon mania has officially swept the country. There is an upside to players converging on your restaurant; it’s a major driver of business. Here are ten brilliant ways restaurants can take advantage of Pokemon Go.

Take advantage of nearby PokeStops

PokeStops are areas where players can replenish items. If you didn’t catch on when the craze all happened no need to worry. You can always submit a request for your restaurant to become a PokeStop or a Pokemon Gym. Being registered as a PokeStop will see a spike in sales as more people will come in trying to catch a Pokemon.

Lure in customers

As a PokeStop you can lure in more customers by buying a lure model or attach one to the nearest PokeStop. Lure modules attract players to the area who can come in and place an order while trying to catch the Pokemon.

Organize events

Restaurants can use social media to create large meet ups by letting users know that a monster may be hiding in-house. For example, you can host a Pokemon GO lure party launching a special themed-monster.

Charge up your customers

This game is a battery drainer and offering charging stations as packs for paying customers in your restaurants is a great way of luring in more traffic. Pokemon Go guarantees they will stay put, a delightful gesture to your restaurant.

Join the hype

The craze may not last forever, take advantage while its still time. Come up with a reward program that rewards players who post about a Pokemon they caught in your restaurant. Let’s say a free meal. Not only does this lure in more players but also advertises and brands your restaurant.

Hit the gym

Your restaurant can harness team pride by offering discounts or incentive for gym leaders. You can take advantage of Pokemon Gyms by hosting team meetups or team themed specials for players sent to sent to fight rival trainers.

Encourage players to share their Pokemon photos

This will only attract more Pokemon players to your restaurant as well as grow your social media following. You can ask players to share the photos of Pokemon they have captured in your restaurant and in return reward them with a gift, such as a gift card or a free meal.

Reward players for finding a rare Pokemon

What happens when there is no a PokeStop near you? Well, how about a free appetizer or a 30% discount to players who can prove they have caught a particularly rare Pokemon. It is a great way to lure in players to your restaurant without being directly involved in the game.

Promise a rare Pokemon

A video went viral of people blocking traffic near Central Park on their hunt for a rare Pokémon. Advertising a rare Pokemon in your restaurant or a nearby area is one way of increasing traffic to your restaurant.

Keep an eye out for upcoming sponsorship opportunities

Word is Pokemon Go is now working on major sponsorships with a confirmation that McDonald’s has partnered with Pokemon GO for the app’s Japan release. Who knows, further partnership opportunities may not be so far down. Restaurants and other business entities may have an option of paying to become Pokemon Gyms and trainers can receive incentives to purchase food while training their Pokemon at the same time.