10 Ways to use Video Marketing for Your Business


10 Ways to use Video Marketing for Your Business

Videos are a proven way of marketing your business online. However short a video could be, it leaves a long lasting impression to the viewer who is the client in this case. For the video to be effective and earn you the required Return on Investment, it has to be appropriately used. In case you were wondering how to incorporate video marketing into your endeavours, here are 10 ways to use video marketing for your business;

1. Branding 

Videos can help you sell and promote your brand more than written content can. A video offers a more nuanced and richer experience in terms of promoting brands than the other media channels. Post a link to your branding video on your website, social media pages and other platforms and you will see the difference.

2. Product Explainer 

Use a video to explain the products and services you offer. This is a great tool to use on the home page of your website as a welcoming tool explaining what the nature of your business is. Explain the solutions your products can help solve and generally give the audience a sense of direction what your business is all about.

3. Integrate Videos in promotional emails

You can include videos in the promotional emails that you send out to your clients every day to add a new interesting twist to your business. Let the videos be short but precise. This way you message will be quickly and effectively be passed.

4. Announce new products and business news 

Make use of videos to announce upcoming products and other news concerning your company. Videos will quickly grab the attention of your audience and they will take note of the new products. Any news or business notifications will also be quickly be put across in a minute or two of video.

5. About Us

A lot of people find it hard to explain “who” they are or “what” their business is. However wordy their About Us page is, they terribly fail at explaining what their business is all about. Use a short video and pass a heart-warming message to the audience explaining who you are and what your business is all about.

6. Go Live!

Yes, you can now go live on video and talk to your audience on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. This is an essential tool as it will help you connect with your audience and add a more personal touch to your business.

7. Promotions 

Use videos to announce lucrative promotions in your business. Stand out from the crowd and make a short video to explain any promotion your business may be offering and you will increase chances of buyers making purchases.

8. Landing Pages

Did you know that a video can serve as a landing page? Well, you can customize a video to double as a landing page explaining and offering solutions to visitors of your website. You just need to customize the video links using a few tools and you are good to go.

9. Appreciation Videos 

At the end of every business year, it is always important to thank your customers for the good year that was. There is no better way of saying Thank You than using a short video. Appreciate your customers and ask for their continued support for the coming year.

10. Post testimonials and customer stories 

Use videos to post the customer testimonials proving how effective your business is. Testimonials will increase the chances of people purchasing your products. Post a short 5 minute long on the amazing customer stories and let that doubting Thomas know that your products have been used before and they are amazing.