10 Year High School Reunion



I’d love to go.  But unfortunately there’s no reason.  My mom and dad live in Hong Kong.  And my sister lives far away.  The friends I want to see… I’ve already seen and kept in touch with.  It’s crazy how Facebook has changed the entire dynamics of school reunions.  If my mom or dad or sister still lived in the area… I would for sure go to the high school reunion.  And if I hadn’t seen my friends in ages… of course!!  Right now, there’s no reason for me to go visit.  I would however visit NYU or William and Mary Law.  NYU for the locations and friends.  And WM for the friends.  There are so many other locations and friends I’d rather see.  Exton was boring….

All that being said, it is a nice event to think about.  I’ve been thinking a lot about life goals.  I went to a good college and a good law school.  I had several well paying jobs.  I enjoy what I do.  But what have I really accomplished?  I’m not sure.  Probably my greatest accomplishment is I don’t have any student loans.  Student loans were a nightmare after law school.  Those two schools weren’t cheap.  I also don’t have any other forms of debt.  I’ve saved up an emergency fund and a collection fund.

I have a YouTube channel, something I’ve always wanted.  And I have a website which teaches.  I’ve continued to volunteer and tutor (I’m on break now).  And I have a great set of friends.

I should be pretty happy.   And I am.  However, in the field I currently am part of… there’s lots of opportunity to be better.  I enjoy the late 4am coding sessions.  I’m going to teach myself coding… it’s only a matter of time.  I do wish I had more of it.

After 10 years…  7 years of it being in school…  I did pretty well for myself.  I have no debt, I live comfortably, I have a fun hobby, and I can afford everything I need.

Woah has the time flied.  In another 10 years…  I wonder?