$100 Rank A Keyword Video Challenge

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In marketing, it’s important to push yourself and get better at new things.


To rank a keyword on the first page of Google/Youtube using only video.


$100 dollars is the most I can spend on Ads.  I can use social media but not too much of it.  I can make multiple videos on one channel.  If I choose I can spread the spend across several videos.  I will give myself around a month for this experiment.


Let’s pick the most expensive keyword, Mesothelioma.  I will try to rank for a long tail version of it (but not something obscure).  Probably “How Much is Your Mesothelioma Claim Worth? or something similar.


I will update y’all as I go with what I am doing and why I am doing it.  As well as so funny screenshots of the progress.


I’m a big proponent  learning new things and applying what you learn into practice.  Video has always been a passion of mine, experimenting with ranking a keyword seems like a fun idea.