12 Reasons Bing Lost and Google Won


12 Reasons Bing Lost and Google Won  

However much Bing tries to rule the search engines’ world, it will never dethrone the king in Google. Bing can however argue that they got into the market a bit late and that they have already taken a fair share of search engine traffic. Actually, they are doing very well compared to other companies like Yahoo who have found it really hard to crack the search engine space. The big question however, remains to be why it is almost impossible to topple Google and take away the mantle it has held for years now? Where did Bing lose it? Why does Google stay winning at almost all departments? We take a closer look today to find out the reasons why Bing lost and Google won.

I personally have been a big fan of Google since I first discovered it some ten or so years ago. I have also tried Bing a couple of times especially when dealing with multimedia searches but I have to confess that it particularly is not my cup of tea. Take nothing away from Microsoft’s Bing though, they have showed flashes of ingenuity and are doing really well in the market. So, why exactly do they trail Google? Here are 12 reasons why Google won and Bing lost;

1. Focus on multimedia search 

One of the main reasons why Bing seems to be living in the shadows of Google, is the fact that they have too much focus on multimedia search compared to Google. Considering that over 75% of all people using search engines go online looking for text and related documents very few people will want to opt for Bing simply because it offers a better multimedia search experience.

2. Looking beyond the simple search 

Google is just more than a simple search engine. It offers extra services that complements its main focus which is offering search engine services. High quality services besides the search engine ones, make very many people want to opt for Google. They offer viable solutions in virtually every department.

3. Relevance of results 

This is another department where Bing lost totally to Google. I think the problem lies somewhere with their Algorithms because the relevance of most of their results is really wanting. Compared to Google, they lag miles behind even with simple searches.

4. Google is dynamic 

If you are careful enough when using Google, you will realize that they are really dynamic. They change not just their terms but their content in a bid to improve the user experience. They even advocate for fresh content while Bing on the other hand is somewhat static and prefers to prioritize old content so long as it attracted enough traffic.

5. Quality of content 

When awarding placement positions, Google tends to scrutinize the submitted content thoroughly. They take into account very many aspects and before content can rank highly on Google results’ page, it needs to have passed all the tests. Bing on the other hand doesn’t care much about the quality of content so long as the keyword sought after is appearing in the work, it will be awarded a decent position in the results’ page.

6. Focus on speed 

Google really appreciates the importance of speed as far as using the internet is concerned. They know that speed improves the overall user experience. They therefore ensure that the time spent between typing in a query in their homepage and landing on appropriate result is as short as possible. Bing on the other hand tends to lag and it takes longer to get required results. They need to improve on this and cut on the unnecessary load that causes the page to load for too long.

7. Google is simple and appealing to the eye 

The interface chosen by Google might appear to be plain and simple but it really is appealing enough to users. After all it is just a search engine and we don’t need to see complex graphics et al. Bing has a lot of detail on their homepage and can be somewhat complex to navigate especially for newbies.

8. Google has been around for quite some time now 

Google is almost ten years older than Bing. They have been around long enough to know what we want as users and know how to tackle various problems. Although we can’t quite discredit Bing for not joining the market earlier, the experience Google has in the market makes them outright favourites.

10. Index refreshing 

Google adopted “Caffeine” indexing service recently which helps them refresh their content. They have more relevant and updated content compared to Bing who bask on the laureate of content that did well in the past.

11.  Mobile integration 

Google has been on the frontline to bring a good user experience on all mobile devices as far as search is concerned. They actually are the default search service company in most mobile devices including on IOS which means that by default they have a very large following.

12. Market share 

However much we try to compare the features offered by either of the two, we can’t quite argue over the numbers because numbers don’t lie. Google has the larger market share and remains to be the people’s preferred search engine. Bing is doing fine but they still have a long way to go.