13 AMAZING Viral Marketing Techniques For Driving Traffic!


13 AMAZING Viral Marketing Techniques For Driving Traffic!

Viral trends can help you create a buzz and market you products and services amidst the wave created. Creating a trend that will go viral is a completely different task in its own. You have to create content that is synonymous with many people if you are to succeed in making viral trends. The beauty of making your content, video or post go viral, is that you can get massive amounts of exposure in a very small amount of time. Your content will spread like a bushfire and lots of people will see it a record time.

So how exactly do I create a viral buzz online? Here are 13 amazing viral marketing Techniques for driving traffic to your website;

1. Catchy Headlines

The first thing that will catch people’s attention when they are reading a post, is the headline. The best way to make people fall in love with a post and want to share it with their friends, it to make the tittle of the post as catchy as possible.

2. Make good use of lists

Statistics show that over 72% of all the viral trends in 2014 and 2015 were posts with lists popularly known as ‘listicles’. People tend to share these articles with lists especially if the lists contain content that makes them happy and makes them seem smarter. Instead of creating content in paragraphs, it is advisable to break down the main points into a list and cap it off with a catchy headline.

3. Funny still rules

There is nothing that spreads more rapidly than a funny post that get everyone laughing. Very many people will tend to share anything that makes them look funnier. When creating that you want to go viral, incorporate a joke or two and watch it spread like a fire in the wild.

4. Synonymous content

Why not create something that people are synonymous with? Let’s say your product targets the youth, why not incorporate some soccer or basketball jokes into the content? You have to create content that people understand and will want to share the same with their friends who find the content relevant.

6. Maximise on current affairs and trends

Always make the most of current affairs when creating viral content because this way, you have a higher chance of people finding your content. For example, the US elections are some of the most recent trends and people all over the web went online searching for the same. If you incorporate such current affairs in your content marketing, you stand a better chance of it going viral.

7. Videos work miracles

Of all the viral content in 2015, 45% was made of videos, gifs and other animated visual content. People find it easy to share funny videos than sharing a funny story. Short videos are not only convenient in terms of saving time but tend to stick more to the memory. Very many people don’t love reading as well, they would rather watch a story than read it. Make a short funny video and incorporate it in the content you intend to make viral.

8. Keywords, tags and phrases need special attention

When creating content that you intend to make viral, make sure you include keywords, tags and common phrases that people are likely to search when they are roaming online. From video titles to the content titles, make sure you use common keywords.

9. Find a way to associate your content with a famous celebrity

Celebrities are one reason that a lot of stuff trends online. People create content and somehow associate their content with famous celebrities to catch the attention of masses. Let’s say you are selling cosmetic products and want to make people buy your facial cream for example, why not write a blog post with a title like “Why our facial cream will give you a Kim Kardashian skin tone” When people see the Kim Kardashian in the title, they will want to read the post and possibly share it with friends. Be careful however on the way you use celebrity names and images because it can be an infringement sometimes.

10. Use contests to create viral posts

Contests with giveaways are a good way of making a post go viral. Engage your current customers and ask them to share the contest with their friends for more fun. If the price for the contest is good enough and the contest itself is fun, you are guaranteed of making your post go viral.

11. A little controversy is not a bad idea

Nothing sells more than some controversial rumours about something or a certain celebrity. Add a little controversy to your post to make it even spread further. You could make some controversial comments about a certain current issue and spur reactions from people. Just be careful not to go overboard with your remarks.

12. Use some shocking words and expressions to attract the attention of people

People want to read shocking news all over the web. Add exclamation marks to the title of your story and add some shocking news to accompany it. People will be eager to read the content and possibly share it out.

13. Be unique and avoid cliché language

There are those statements we are used to. Statements like “ You won’t believe who is at number 23” People are past this stage in terms of making viral trends and won’t fall for such. Be unique and add a fresh twist to the way you make your posts.