13 Best Passive Income Streams & Opportunities


Who said that you cannot make money online? Well, you are wrong. There are people who make passive money online and this adds up to their normal income that they earn in their day to day activities.

So what is passive income?

This is income that you earn without much strain or rather money that your earn without much work load.Here are ideas and opportunities that you cab adapt so as to start earning your own passive income online.

1. Put your photography skills online

If photography is your passion, you can take this chance to post some of your best work on sites such as istockphoto. Here, your photo will be put for sale. You will earn money and the site will charge you a little commission

2.Write an eBook

You can choose to make easy money by writing an interesting 80 pages ebook and be able to sell it in few months for about $500. You may even end up selling your ebook for so much more.

3. Create your blog

All you need to do is coming up with your own blog, make sure that there is adequate content flow. By getting a lot of readers and followers, you will be able to earn much.

4. Create a website for selling products

Most people are currently buying products online. Either new products or second hand. You can decide to create your website where you will be able to get commissions from individuals sell their products through it.

5. Create an app

Creating an app has now become easy. Just join hands with partners who can be able to come up with a great app, sit back and gain income from users downloads.

6. Make an online course

You can decide to sell your services. This ca be either by giving people tips, answers to problems or even guidelines toward day to day living and get paid for it.

7. Reselling products online

You may decide to buy products from companies and sell them on your website. buying them in bulk will make you earn even much more. You can choose to sell a variety so as to give buyers more options.

8. Buying products in bulk overseas and selling them

A lot of people prefer to avoid the process of importing a commodity. You can decide to purchase items in bulk where you will be charged less and sell to people at a slightly greater price

9. Affiliate marketing

This is partnering up with a company, more of becoming an affiliate and hence end up getting a commission on a given product. This will suit you most if you already have a website or a blog. It pays really great.

10. Network marketing

You will be able to earn income by first building a down line which should consist of a large team. You will now play a major role towards marketing them. After this, you start now earning commissions on whatever they sell without struggling. This is what companies like Avon benefit from.

11. Peer to peer lending earn huge income from interest paid during loan repayment.

You may decide to offer loans to people who do not meet normal requirements but get to choose the suitable clients. You can really

12. Betting platform

This will require large starting capital and betting licenses, which is not so hard to get. However, a lot of people are so into betting especially in sports. Be rest assured that the outcome will be extremely great.

13. Selling t-shirts hats cups

You can come up with a unique label and brand it on t-shirts, hats, mugs. Once people take this design to be on of their favorite, you will sell big. However, you need to be unique.

There are so many ways right? All you have to do is to figure out which way suits you best.