13 Citation Building Myths Plaguing Local SEO


13 Citation Building Myths Plaguing Local SEO    

Citations is a very important aspect of online businesses today. Local businesses especially in less competitive niches rely so much on citations to land clients to their pages and eventually to earn sales. Very many businesses rely on mentions in local association pages to get their sales and customers for their local businesses. Although it is a very important aspect of business, there are very many misconceptions and myths that are plaguing Local Citations and they are making many people shy away from using them in their business. Here are 13 Citation building Myths plaguing local SEO;

1. Local Citation will only increase competition

Quite a number of people think that listing their businesses and those of other people in their locality will only increase competition. The truth however is that local citation will open up your business to numerous opportunities.

2. Providing links in citation can be deemed as a violation by Search Engines

There are a number of people who deem local citations especially when their businesses’ are linked out to in other people’s websites as a violation of Google, Bing and other search engines code of ethics. The fact however is that Google encourages local citations as it is a means of not only promoting home-grown businesses but a means of ensuring fair competition among the industry stakeholders.

3. Local citations will negatively affect your Google ranking

This is a myth that is plaguing local citations especially for small businesses. Having your business listed in local directories and other websites will only improve your Google ranking especially if you offer quality services.

4. Listing phone numbers, addresses and even links will only make your business vulnerable to cyber attacks

This is a misconception. Sharing your contacts will make your business accessible easily. Just listing the name and not providing a link or a physical address, will not help much. Don’t shy away from giving out contacts when necessary.

5. You should always provide every form of address if Local Citation is to work miracles

This is a lie and a misconception. Your citations don’t have to include all the details. The suite number for example, physical address and other small details may be important but they are not a necessity in local citations.

7. Spelling errors and other errors in the naming of the businesses can be detrimental

Error is to human and making mistakes in the naming of the business or if other people list your business using the wrong names, it shouldn’t make you freak out. Google’s artificial intelligence lets it match the other provided details like phone numbers, physical addresses and the names themselves to sort out any errors or mistakes made when making citations.

8. You have to constantly scan the engines for incorrectly listed data

There are millions of business owners who freak out about wrongly listed information about your business. Efforts to clean these incorrect data up will only consume your time and money especially if you are hiring someone else to do the dirty work for you.

10. You have to subscribe to automatic citation service providers

Although companies like Yetz, Moz Local and many others will help you to automate the citation of your business, their subscription is not a guarantee that your business will succeed. Earning referrals and personally getting the business listed in the local online platforms and tabloids will do the trick.

11. Paying for automated local Citation is a waste of resources

It may look costly and a waste of hard earned resources, but it is a worth investment in the end. Automated citation listing service providers like Yetz will only open up your local business to possibilities in the community. There is no better feeling than getting new clients call you to get your services because they saw your business listed somewhere. Hire a marketing company to do your marketing and the results will be evident in a few days.

12. You should pay for people to cite your local business in their prolific pages or tabloids

Sometimes people feel so intimidated by the other bigger brands in the society who cite their small businesses. They almost feel like they need to pay these big boys as an incentive for listing their services. Unless you are in an agreement with a company, don’t feel intimated about paying them to cite your business.

13. Citations from unrelated industries are as good as useless

Who should be citing your business? Should citations in other unrelated business be deemed as useless? The answer is no because the source of a referral is not important so long as you get to sell the service or product that is listed. Don’t be bothered by the pages that are citing your business so long as they are providing accurate information.