13 Crazy Myths About Link Building in SEO You Should Ignore


13 Crazy Myths About Link Building in SEO You Should Ignore

If there is a strategy that has helped lots of marketing gurus and strategists out there today, then am sure link building ranks highly. This technique has been one of the most reliable and consistent ways of improving the online presence of businesses and increasing the search rankings of websites all around the world. It is a strategy that works well only when executed properly. There are very many misconceptions and myths however that surround this strategy that have tainted its name and discouraged many people from adopting it.

Here are 13 of the most common myths and misconceptions of link building that are absolutely wrong and fictional. We have provided the myths and a brief insight on what the truth about link building is;

1. The more links you have, the better your rank

This is not true. These days Google and other search engines have artificial intelligence that allow them to differentiate between quality links and bogus links that are meant to just drive traffic to a page. Quality is all that matter these days.

2. You should build the links manually

Unlike past times where you had to build links manually or with the help of a webmaster, today you don’t have to manually build links but should let them naturally lead to your site. Create quality content and the inbound links will be countless.

3. Avoid links from sites with a lower domain authority than yours 

This is not true. Inbound links from lowly ranking sites will not have a negative impact on the general ranking and success of your site and they should not raise any eyebrows at all.

4. Don’t get any links from online directories 

This myth holds some elements of truth in it but in truth, you can get high quality links from some directories online. Not all directories have bad links and It will depend on your assertion and judgement.

5. Never link out to other sites 

It is a common belief that if you link out to other sites, you are likely to leak link to PageRank, Link juice and other places. This is not true because research shows that linking out will actually improve your ranking in the search engines. Link out as much as possible when you are confident about the quality of your content.

6. Link building will get you penalized 

Is this true? Absolutely not. Unless you have built something extra spammy and terribly egregious, Google will never penalize you for link building. Embrace quality content through quality links and avoid associating yourself with spam links and other suspect content that breaches the Google regulations.

8. Link building is purely about building and spreading links 

This is not true! There is a bigger picture that you should be able to see beyond the links. It is a marketing strategy and if properly carried out, it will add a lot of value to your online business and help you build a brand.

9. Linking out will attract spammers 

There are very many people who are skeptical about linking out because they have worries that this might attract spammers and other malicious people to their sites. Just ensure you have quality content and good security system and no one will ever tamper with your business.

10. Link building is just for specialists 

Whether you are established in online matters or just stared the other day and want to adopt link building but are scared that it is a complex task, then you are wrong. It is something that is very simple and even the freshest of novices can achieve it. A little training and you are good to go.

11. Getting multiple links from the same website will not help much 

Although link diversity and uniqueness is very essential in link building, there is no harm at all in getting multiple links from the same sites. What matters really is the quality of content and level of customer satisfaction arising from the links provided.

12. Only relevant links will matter when it comes to ranking 

People think that only links falling in the same niche and category as the content on their pages will matter when it comes to ranking. The truth however is that even irrelevant pages can help you rank well. Sometimes you get referrals because people like the content they see on your page. This referrals come in form of links.

13. Forum links have no value 

People think in the old school way that links arising from the numerous online forums have very little or no value in their ranking. This is however not true. Links from forums are only an indication that someone was satisfied with what they found on a page and are willing to share the same with other members of the public. This is important in ranking.