13 Lead Generation Ideas to Help You Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rates


13 Lead Generation Ideas to Help You Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rates   

As marketers and content creators, our core mission is to optimize our pages to attract new leads in terms of traffic. These new leads are very crucial for any business because these new visitors eventually become new customers. The ability to constantly generate new leads and convert the traffic inflow to sales is what it is that keeps the most successful businesses afloat. So, how do you ensure that you create content good enough to generate new leads? How do you earn yourself new business and help your online business grow? Here are 13 Lead Generation ideas to help you increase your website’s conversion rates;

1. Manicure your webpages

Creating the website on its own, is not a guarantee enough to earn new leads. Your webpages have to be edited and structured to be appealing to the eye and easy to navigate even for novices. Whenever someone lands on your page, let the impression make them stick around and make them make a purchase.

2. Create a blog and update it consistently

A blog works magic in terms of attracting new leads. Create fresh, unique and enticing content and constantly update your blog. In a month, two to three posts will do the trick, optimize them for SEO and the leads will be underway.

3. Use Social Media to earn new leads

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are some of the best platforms to use to earn new leads. Post links to various platforms and interact with the followers. You never know when someone will click on the link and head over to your page.

4. Post product videos

Product videos can work magic when done right. Here is why; over 70% of web users today are better visual learners. They prefer to see and hear another person explain something to them than read somewhere how that thing is done. Create good products videos and increase your chances of earning leads which will convert in the end.

5. Reviews will help big time

If you are selling products, consider including a reviews page to let people write what they think of your products. If they find your products helpful, they will write reviews and whenever someone looking for your products reads the reviews, he/she will be moved to make a purchase.

6. Referrals

Share your links to fellow marketers and page owners and let them share the word about your products. Ask repeating customers to also share word if they find your product helpful. This way you are likely to earn referrals. Trust me there is no better feeling than earning new referrals week in week out in business.

7. Mailing lists

Create a mailing list by collecting emails of your returning clients and any other person willing to share their email with you. Create good enticing mails and send them out at least twice a month. Too many emails will be deemed spam and many will unsubscribe. Be moderate ad you will reap the fruits.

8. Run promotions

If you are selling products, consider running promotions. Include these in your emails and make them lucrative. People are likely to share out these promotions with their friends and family. This way you will get new leads.

9. Pop-ups

Consider including pop ups in your page. They may look annoying to many but they actually work. Ask for user emails and promise to give them something back in return. This could be a fresh content, newsletter or even a free subscription for a limited time.

10. Pay Per Click

Consider paying for ads to place your services in a prime position on the search engines. The services and products will be placed in a place that visitors looking for similar products and services will see them easily.

11. Use quizzes to generate new leads

When done right, quizzes can help you generate leads. Create short simple but engaging quiz questions and include them in the mailing lists or as popups. If the interface is smooth and the quizzes are engaging enough, people will want to share them with friends and family.

12. Put emphasis on the landing pages

The most important page in any website is normally the landing page. This is the first thing a person sees when they click on a link leading to your webpage. Make the information here short and precise. Let a person stick around and even make a purchase.

13. Responsive pages

Consider making your pages responsive for all devices. Very many people nowadays use mobile devices for their online activities. Tap into these numbers by creating responsive websites. Hire an agency to create your website and consider hiring a SEO agency to run your marketing. It works miracles in generating new leads for your website.