13 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Beyoncé’s Instagram

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13 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Beyoncé’s Instagram

Beyoncé doesn’t need any introduction, as she is a global superstar that is recognizable anywhere in the world. She is extremely popular on Instagram, with her account being among the ones with the most fans as seen in discussions over at runrex.com. Her success on the platform owes a lot to some great marketing tactics, and this article will look to take a magnifying glass to her account and list 13 marketing lessons we can learn from Beyoncé’s Instagram.

Choose the best platform for your brand

Beyoncé has a Twitter account, but she very rarely tweets, even though she has followers going into the 10s of millions. She quickly figured out that Instagram is the best platform for her brand and how she wanted to engage with her fans. She likes to communicate with visuals, and also finds the character restrictions on Twitter a bit, well, restrictive. She has, therefore, focused her attention on Instagram, where her account is among the most followed. The marketing lesson we can learn here, as per the experts over at runrex.com, is how important it is to choose a platform that is the right fit for your brand. Some brands will do well with PPC, for example, while others not so much.

The power of visuals

Given that she is the queen of visual albums, it is no surprise to find out that she has leveraged the power of visuals to make her Instagram account as popular as it has become. She regularly uses photos, videos, and stories to engage and astound her audience. The marketing lesson we can learn here is that visuals are as powerful as ever. As per the folks over at runrex.com, try and incorporate visuals as much as possible into your marketing campaigns if you are to succeed.

The power of teasing new content

Beyoncé is the queen on teasing new content, helping create a buzz and anticipation around album releases, as she did for her Lemonade project. The Marketing lesson we can learn here is how beneficial teasing new content can be. As per discussions over at runrex.com, you should try and start a conversation around any new offering by teasing the new release with visual clues and cryptic comments.

Be consistent

A glance at Beyoncé’s Instagram and you will discover that she is consistent with her personality and her brand. The way she engages with her brand stays consistent throughout, and she stays true to herself, which is another reason why she is so popular as her fans know what to expect from her. While it is important to try new strategies and be innovative, it is equally important that you maintain a consistent brand voice, as per the experts over at runrex.com.

Have different strategies for different platforms

The way Beyoncé interacts with her fans on Instagram is completely different to how she interacts with them on Facebook, another platform that she is on. She knows that strategies that may work on Facebook, or any other platform, may not necessarily work on Instagram, which is why she has been able to be so successful on Instagram. The marketing lesson we can learn here is that every marketing platform is different, and tactics that may work on one platform may not work on another, as is revealed in discussions over at runrex.com.

Be authentic

Beyoncé famously runs her own Instagram, and this is quite evident when you go through her feed as she comes out as extremely authentic. This helps her connect with her fans better, and helps build loyalty. Likewise, when it comes to marketing, people usually gravitate to the brands they consider to be authentic, as is discussed over at runrex.com, a marketing lesson we can learn firsthand from Beyoncé’s Instagram.

Know what your audience wants and give it to them

Beyoncé knows what her fans want, and she regularly delivers, which is yet another reason why she is so popular on Instagram. From backstage photos from concerts to candid family photos and videos, she knows just why her fans follow her, which is to get an intimate glimpse of her life, and she delivers. The marketing lesson we can learn here is that, if you are to be successful, you will need to know what your audience wants, and give it to them, as is discussed over at runrex.com.

Get the right mix in giving them what they want and what they need

Not only does Beyoncé use her Instagram to post highly-engaging posts about her personal life, but she also uses her account to promote campaigns and products she is driving. She gets the mix of the two perfectly, hence her success. Likewise, if you are to succeed in your marketing endeavors, you will need to get the mix between your core messages and highly-engaging posts right. While it is important that you offer your audience engaging content, it is also important that you drive company goals by selling your products or services, as per the experts over at runrex.com.

Build a community

The “Beyhive”, Beyoncé’s fanbase on Instagram, is one of the most vibrant and loyal and is another reason why she is so successful on the platform. Similarly, if you are to be successful in your marketing endeavors, you will need to build a community of loyal fans, a marketing lesson that is explored in detail over at runrex.com.

Develop a relationship with your most loyal users

While it is important to bring in new clients, it is equally as important to keep your existing ones and make them feel valued, which is another marketing lesson we can learn from Beyoncé’s Instagram. She regularly acknowledges them on her account, which makes them even more loyal to her. As the experts over at runrex.com will tell you, building a relationship with your loyal users/customers will benefit you in several ways including referrals.


Beyoncé also makes sure that she provides her fans with links to click for any campaign she is running or any music she has released. This makes sure that the good work she does with her marketing doesn’t go to waste. Having appropriate call-to-actions is a crucial part of any marketing strategy, as discussed over at runrex.com, and this is a marketing lesson we can learn from her Instagram.

Be relatable

While Beyoncé might appear untouchable due to her superstar status, she does a great job of regularly sharing relatable moments with her fans on Instagram, such as videos of her walking the beach with her daughter. The intimate moments she posts are moments most of us can relate to, even though we may not be as famous as she is. Relatability is huge in marketing, as per discussions on the same over at runrex.com, and is something you should strive for if you are to be successful.

Compelling content

Those who follow Beyoncé on Instagram also get the benefit of being treated to stunning and compelling content, be it videos or photos. The quality is great and captures moments that fans usually talk about for weeks on end. When it comes to marketing, compelling content is key, as per the gurus over at runrex.com, if you are to keep your audience engaged.

The discussion above is just the tip of a very large iceberg, and you can uncover more on the same by checking out the amazing runrex.com.