13 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram

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13 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best soccer players of his generation, one who is highly decorated with many individual and team honors, as well as goals-record that is up there with the best of them. On top of that, he is one of the most marketable sportspersons out there, helped in part by his massive social media reach. There is no other sportsperson that can compare to is social media reach, evidenced by the fact that he is the most followed personality on Instagram, as revealed in discussions on the same over at runrex.com. This article will look to take a close look at his Instagram and list 13 marketing lessons we can learn from his success on the platform.

Compelling and engaging content

Ronaldo knows how to take good photos and videos, that much is evident when you take a look at his Instagram feed. His photos are if stunning quality and professionally shot, with the same applying to videos, providing his fans with compelling and engaging content that has helped make him so popular. Likewise, if your marketing efforts are to bear fruit, you will need to provide your audience with content that is compelling and engaging to attract and keep their interest, as is discussed over at runrex.com.

Know your audience

Ronaldo also knows who his audience is, and makes sure that he puts up the content that will quench their thirst; from soccer-related photos and videos to fitness-related ones, as well as those related to fashion. As the marketing experts over at runrex.com always say, you can’t expect to engage with your audience if you don’t know what it is that they want.

Keep it simple

Cristiano Ronaldo also regularly keeps his captions short and sweet, using short and simple sentences to pass his message on, which is yet another marketing lesson we can learn from his Instagram. As is revealed in discussions over at runrex.com, simplicity is preferred when it comes to marketing as being overly complex will only serve to put off your audience.


Ronaldo also has endorsement deals with many brands, most of which are behemoths in their own right, like Nike, and this allows him to reach audiences that may have been hard to reach, otherwise. The marketing lesson we can learn here, as discussed over at runrex.com, is how beneficial partnerships can be when it comes to marketing; be it partnerships with influencers or with other brands, and so forth.

Be consistent

Consistency is one thing that comes to mind when you go through Ronaldo’s Instagram feed, as his posts all seem to follow a set stylistic template. His followers know what to expect, and this helps him build loyalty. In the same vein, consistency is key when it comes to marketing, because if you keep altering your brand voice and messages, you will only confuse your audience and this will put them off, a sentiment shared by the experts over at runrex.com.


Soccer is an emotional sport, and Ronaldo has been able to tap into this, allowing him to be as popular as he has become. By putting up posts that trigger nostalgia and remind fans of his clubs, both former and current, of the good times, he can leverage the power of emotion giving such posts excellent engagement rates. Emotion is a key part of marketing, and the most successful marketing campaigns are those that can elicit and create an emotional connection with the audience, something the experts over at runrex.com agree with.

Create a community

Another reason why Ronaldo is so popular on Instagram is that he has been able to create a community of fans around him and his brand, creating a loyal fanbase that will back him no matter what. Similarly, you should aim to build a community around your brand, through the content you put out there as discussed over at runrex.com, and your marketing campaigns will benefit for it.

Be a voice for good

Ronaldo also regularly uses his Instagram account to highlight worthy causes he is supporting and shine a spotlight on important issues in the community, which also gives him great goodwill that also contributes to his success. As the experts over at runrex.com will tell you, people nowadays appreciate values more than anything else, and by using your brand’s voice and influence for good, you will gain goodwill that will benefit your marketing efforts.

Make your audience feel like they are appreciated

Ronaldo always takes his time after every match to appreciate the support he receives from his supporters, and supporters of his team, Juventus. This is another marketing lesson worth learning, as it shows how important it is to make your audience feel appreciated, as this will build loyalty as per the gurus over at runrex.com.


To go with his simple but effective captions, Ronaldo also makes great use of hashtags, both branded or otherwise, to increase engagements as far as his posts are concerned. The marketing lesson we can take here is just how hashtags can be when utilized properly as discussed over at runrex.com, with the same applying to keywords.

Inspire your audience to take action

From the promotional content he puts up, to posts encouraging fans to help with worthy causes, Ronaldo always makes sure he adds call-to-actions and inspires his followers to go a step further and act. Compelling and engaging content is well and good, but without well-placed call-to-actions, all your good work may go to waste; a marketing lesson covered over at runrex.com.

Different platforms have different strategies

Ronaldo is on all of the major social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. When you go through his Twitter feed, you will realize that his strategy there is completely different to his strategy on Instagram. He knows that Instagram is highly visual, and makes sure his content reflects that. Likewise, it is important to note that every marketing platform is different, and strategies that may work on one won’t necessarily work on the other, as is discussed over at runrex.com.

Be authentic

Ronaldo is unapologetically himself and doesn’t mind if people think he is arrogant or flashy, which is one of the reasons why his fans on Instagram like him. People nowadays will always be able to know the brands that are not authentic, and will always gravitate towards those that are authentic, as is discussed over at runrex.com, a marketing lesson worth learning.

The discussion above only just begins to scratch the surface and you can learn more on this and other related topics by visiting the ever-reliable runrex.com.