13 Paid Per Click Strategies for Car Dealerships


13 Paid Per Click Strategies for Car Dealerships

Today, there are so many strategies dealerships can employ to get themselves noticed and boost sales. Every car dealership is in business to make money, right? But what are the best digital methods to utilize in order to achieve these goals? Paid per click, or PPC seems to be an effective answer: and several PPC strategies can be used to really maximize your return on investment (ROI).

IP Address Exclusion

Of course, the competition wants to know what you’re doing in order to keep their ear to the ground as well as get a few new ideas. However, you don’t have to surrender to their snooping. When they click on your ad you still pay even though the competition is definitely not your target audience and will not buy from you. This is where IP address exclusion becomes a very effective strategy because it prevents competitors from being able to click on ads.


Geographical targeting makes it possible for potential customers in a specific targeted area to click on an ad, but no one else. This eliminates the cost of clicks from people outside of a targeted areas that will probably not result in sales.

Ad Scheduling

Ad scheduling ensures that ads are seen at optimal times when the greatest number of potential customers can be reached and respond. In other words, when a potential customer clicks on an ad they should be able to take action, should they decide to buy. The call to action has to be available at a time when a dealership can be reached and respond.

Impromptu Call to Action

A call to action is an immensely important feature of any ad. An effective call to action should allow the potential buyer to immediately respond to an ad by being able to reach the appropriate person or persons at a dealership.

Exact Match Ad Groups

Simply speaking, exact match ad groups ensure that the results of a search are very specific and not broad. For example, if you are searching for a 2015 Jeep Cherokee, the results should display exactly what was typed into your browser.

Maximize Keyword Matching

Keyword matching can be utilized to produce both broad and specific results. Keyword searches can be used to get as specific or as broad of a result as desired.

Utilize Site Links

Site links effectively bypass the middleman by making it easy for the potential customer to connect with a dealership right away. These links successfully entice a potential buyer to make a call directly from the ad.

Using a Negative Keyword List

You can structure your ads to come up in a search only if specific keywords are not used. For example, if your target audience is people that want to buy a car and not car accessories, you can add car accessories to the negative keyword list so that your ad doesn’t come up in a search result for anyone looking for accessories for a car, or any search not specifically related to a car purchase. This feature gets rid of irrelevant clicks.

Using Data from In-Market Audiences

In-Market Audiences keep you abreast with what’s important and sought after by a particular audience. This is very helpful in structuring ads to draw your target audience. This helps to focus a PPC campaign and to ensure that what the audience desires is being displayed in the ads.

Landing Pages that Get Noticed

Create a landing page that is both engaging and informative, to hold the attention of your audience. The page should reflect what the members of the audience value and are looking for.

Incorporate Mobile Pay-Per-Click

Because cell phones are capable of so much these days, any smart PPC campaign should include mobile pay per clicks. Mobile PPC has been proven to be a very effective at drawing potential customers.

Use Metrics that are Specifically Tailored to a Car Dealership

An effective search marketing company will be able to produce very specific and detailed information based on your clicks, phone conversations, and every other element of your PPC campaign, through the systems integrated into your campaign.

Manufacturer Compliance

Make sure that your PPC campaign includes the guidelines for manufacturer compliance in order to develop an effective campaign.

Statistics have proven that an effective PPC campaign that fully utilizes all the tools integrated into the campaign, can greatly increase a dealership’s ROI. It pays to be specific and tuned into the industry in order to reduce irrelevant traffic and increase car sales.