13 Quick Ways To Make Money From Home


13 Quick Ways To Make Money From Home

It does not matter if you are a stay at home mother or a jobless graduate, there a lot of avenues of making money from home. However, be wary of falling into the hand of scammers. Here are some legitimate ways of earning income from the comfort of your home. Read on!

Taking part in surveys

Take part in an online survey and get paid. However, be wary of sites that ask for a registration fee. All you need to do is sign up, fill the survey questions and get paid.

Freelance writing

Freelancing writing is booming. Numerous sites offer writing gigs. The articles vary from business to technical topics. All that you need is a reliable Internet connection, computer/laptop and good command of English. Over time, you can turn it into a full-time job.

Technical freelancing

Freelancing goes beyond writing. You can engage in designing, graphics, marketing or web programming.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant earns passive income by replying messages and emails, making traveling plans and handling Internet research at the comfort of their homes. Some virtual assistants earn as much as $100 per hour.

Online tutoring

Offer private tuition classes at home. Use your SAT knowledge to tutor others. Create a schedule that works if you have other duties.

Downloading apps

Some companies pay people to download and install their applications. Payments are made monthly depending on the number of installed applications on your phone.

Product/service review

Write a product review and earn some real money. The charges are between $1 and $ 50 per review depending on the requirements. Additionally, some sites give exclusive invites for product and service review.

Data entry

Put your quick typing skills to enter information. There are a lot of date entry and administrative jobs on the Internet.

Online travel agent

Explore travel websites during your free time. Offer your services for a commission by offering alternatives to travel agencies.

Associate Marketing

Create a blog on a topic that interests you. Turn the blog into a money making site. Join an association network, choose a product and promote it on your blog. When someone reads your posts, you get paid.

Fixing mistakes on Google

Search engines pay people to fix errors for their search results. Correcting the mistakes and making the searches look qualitative and relevant will earn you $12 on an hourly basis.

Watch television

Watching television is an easy and entertaining way of earning money from home, Answer simple trivia questions and stand the chance of earning easy money.

Watch Videos and like them

Did you know you can get paid to watch YouTube videos and to like them? Certain sites reward their viewers. Create an account with them, watch and like their videos and start earning. Earn as little as $5 per video.

Maintaining fan pages

Get the role of an administrator on social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. These are pages that require people to log in and connect. Get paid to update content and maintain the social media pages.