13 Reasons Why Developers Should Play Magic the Gathering


13 Reasons Why Developers Should Play Magic the Gathering

Unless you have been living under the rocks, you should have heard about Magic the Gathering. It is an interesting game that you will love. Here are reasons why developers should play the game at all costs.

1. It is a sociable game

Playing Magic The Gathering brings friends, family, and even strangers together. The players meet and interact as the play the game. It is a great way to developers catching up with friends and family while meeting new people too.

2. It may inspire new ideas

Developers are continually looking for new ideas. They need inspirations as they develop new products for their clients. Playing the game may inspire new ideas that will progress their careers forward.

3. Strategic thinking

Developers need some level of strategy thinking as their work demands. By playing the game, the developers develop strategic thinking skills. Naturally, the game demands that the players display critical thinking skills so that they opponent does not challenge them.

4. It helps developers relax

After a long and strenuous day at work, it is important that the developers take a mental and physical break. Playing a game after a long day relaxes the mind and reduces stress.

5. It is important for cognitive development

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is that it helps in the cognitive development. It is a game of numbers. Additionally, the players are required to employ strategic thinking too. Combining the two skills is an important requirement for any developer.

6. Ability to make tough decisions

Once in a while, developers will be required to make tough choices. At times, it may be difficult to make the right choice. However, developers who take the time to play the game may have it easy. Magic the Gathering requires players to make some major and minor decisions during playtime. Some of the skills may come in handy.

7. Improving relationship

In the course of duty, developers often interact with new and familiar people. Playing the game enables the players to develop a god rapport with the people they meet. The same of kind of relationship they share with their fellow players.

8. Problem solving becomes easy

While playing, players may be required to make critical decisions if they do not want to lose to their opponents. In some cases, some of the decisions are not easy to make. However, playing the game enables developers to make some tough problem-solving decisions easily in real life.

9. Encourages critical thinking

For one to be a professional at the game, some serious critical thinking skills are crucial. The benefit of acquiring such skills is that they may be applied in the workplace.

10. It is easy to learn

The game may sound complex. As a matter of fact, it may some time to learn the basics and beat the opponent, but that does not mean one cannot learn. It is an easy game that developers can easily learn

11. It is cheap and interesting to play

The game has no hidden charges. No further payments will be required after the purchase has been made. Additionally, the game has an interesting artwork that makes it appear realistic and fun to play.

12. Improves creativity and mental health

Developers who play the game tend to creative. They draw a lot of inspiration from the game.

13. It is not an average game

Although the game is not very technical, it can be rated above average. There are some complexities that make the game exciting.