13 Reasons You Should do Digital Marketing in China


The Chinese Digital revolution in China is in full swing today. Thanks to a vibrant millennial generation, China has become a digital economy. More people are spending time on the internet and almost everything is done online in China today. More companies are opting for online digital marketing to target the consumers who have opted for online shopping and other activities. This has presented a great opportunity for many agencies and companies to offer digital marketing in China. Here are 13 reasons you should do digital marketing in China;

Consumers have migrated here

More than three quarters of the Chinese population are online today. The internet world statistics show that these numbers are only rising. If you want to target these online consumers then, you have to opt for digital marketing.

Far cheaper than other methods

Digital marketing is far much cheaper compared to the other forms of marketing. Considering the size of the population targeted, saving on the cost of marketing will help you in saving revenue for other things.

Easy monitoring of progress

When marketing in China, it is essential to monitor your progress in order to know whether the act is fruitful or not. Employing digital marketing lets you easily monitor progress and make amends when things are not going well.

Digital marketing has a wide scope

The scope of digital marketing in China is very wide. There are very many areas that you can employ the marketing without limiting yourself. Flexibility is essential in any business and a wide scope will give you a lot of flexibility.

Reach more people 

Digital marketing will help you reach very many people at once. There are millions of people using the internet today and if you use the correct digital marketing strategy, you can simultaneously reach them. A single advert on Facebook can reach ten times the number of people a poster by the roadside can reach. Immense!

Gives more room for referrals 

Anyone that has tried digital marketing in China will testify of the high number of referrals they earn online. It is easier to share a link to a website from an advert to multiple friends at once making it easier for people to refer more people to your site to make purchases.

Watch your consumers’ trends easily

With digital marketing in China, you can easily monitor what your consumers’ preferences and choices are. You can keep an eye on their buying cycle and the general sales made by your business. This will help you craft a strategy to maximize your sales.

Helps your business rank well in the Search Engines in China 

There is no better way of ranking well among the search engines other than correct digital marketing. Great content and other marketing strategies will help your business and service provision services in China rank well within the China Search Engines increasing chances of consumers finding your products.

Digital Marketing in China provides the level playing ground for healthy competition 

Digital marketing provides a level playing ground for both small scale and large scale companies to compete fairly. Whether your company is a small startup or an established business, you have a chance to sell yourself to consumers provided you play your digital marketing game well.

It is easy to step up your game and scale higher

If you realize you are experiencing a downtime in sales in China, through digital marketing you can easily step up your game cost effectively as well. You can inject a little more funds and explore more marketing options to increase the sales

Develop your brand quickly

If you are in China and want to move your brand quickly, then trust me Digital Marketing is the best option to do so. You can quickly establish a powerful online presence as your brand will be more visible to many people.

Social Media has become part and soul of China

By 2014 alone, there were more than 1.3 billion people in China connected to the internet through their smartphones. ¾ of this total population is active on social media. This means that you can easily reach these masses of people through proper digital marketing.

Surely, digital marketing is integral to the growth of any business in China. If you are a business owner in China then you have every reason to opt for digital marketing.