13 Reasons Why Engineers Should Play Magic the Gathering


13 Reasons Why Engineers Should Play Magic the Gathering

1. Engineers like designing things

Engineers can make cars, chemicals or even roadways. Magic is all about designing a style of play to win matches.

2. Engineers are good with numbers

Designing things like machines and electronics is math intensive. They use equations and numbers to solve various problems that present themselves. In Magic, math is central to the game as you use it to form decisions and anticipate if you are winning or losing.

3. Engineers like uniformity

Generally, engineers like to, or even, rely on uniform rules to base their design around. Magic has rules that keep the game uniform, with some exceptions, in order to keep the game from being bogged down in rule disputes.

4. Engineers have to account for extremes

Engineers have to anticipate what their products might encounter in the real world like heat and cold. Magic players have to plan for other player’s extreme play that may be very offensive of defensive and adjust accordingly.

5. Competition

Head-to-head action is can be intimidating for some and engineers can be faced with many competing designs from other engineers. Magic can help sharpen the instincts and skills that can help feed the competitive spirit.

6. Accounting for randomness

Game play in Magic is partly random as you play with a shuffled deck. Engineers have to think about all the various things that pop in the making and implementation of their designs. In both cases, the engineer has to keep his mind open to all the possibilities that might occur.

7. Sharping strategy

Magic involves tactical problem solving. This can help engineers develop mindsets that predict and solve possible problems or deal with specific situations at their jobs.

8. Change of pace

Magic is a change of pace from the more simplistic games like euchre. Magic is a complex game that involves collecting cards a putting together a game plan to deaf other opponents. The game has many different elements of offense and defense.

9.Challenge reading comprehension

Many of the cards in Magic have individual rules to be used in game play. You have to be able to understand and interpret them to best utilize them and understand your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

10. Socialize

Magic is a social card game, in which, many people discuss the game or even their day. It is always nice to have an outlet for social interaction when your job may not have much.

11. Collecting

Collecting can be an interesting activity. Like stamp collecting, you go online or to conventions and talk to others about the game and get information about various strategies and unique cards. It is also fun, for some, to buy, sell and trade cards regularly.

12. Planning skills

As already discussed above, planning is important in the game. An engineer’s basic quality is planning. Building a Magic deck involves planning and even testing to ensure the deck is sound and flawless.

13. It’s fun

Of course, the most important part of any game is that you have fun. This has shown to relieve all kinds of stress related symptoms and improve attitude. Enjoyment is an important part of any pastime.