13 Reasons Why Marketers Should Play Magic the Gathering


13 Reasons Why Marketers Should Play Magic the Gathering

Magic the Gathering is a trading game of cards. By 2015, about twenty million players had subscribed to the game. It is a game that represents a battle between planeswalkers /wizards and their opponents. Two or more players can participate in the game.

Marketers can greatly benefit from playing this game. Besides helping them relax, it helps them in the course of the duty. Here are a few reasons why marketers should play the game.

1. It is social

It is a great way of bringing people together. In the process, new friends and clients are made. There can be organized tournaments where professionals and amateurs meet. There are open tournaments too. Magic the Gathering is a face to face competition that encourages human interaction.

2. It makes marketers smarter

All aspects of the game encourage players to exhibit high levels of strategy thinking. It requires strategy to build the cards and use them during play time.

3. It is cheaper but contains some levels of complexity

For starters, the game has no hidden costs. It has an interesting storyline that is above average compared to other video games.

4. It has an interesting artwork

Marketers need to relax after a long day. The artwork of the game has interesting artwork that relaxes the mind. It makes the game appear real.

5. Interacting with the online community

Thanks to a large number of players, it presents a great opportunity to meet with other players in the online community. It may be an opportunity to get new clients.

6. Teaches marketers to handle tough choices

Playing Magic The Gathering enables marketers to handle difficult choices with a lot of ease. During the game, the players cannot see the cards of the opponents. It calls for a lot of strategies to beat the opponent. A wrong move risks the player losing a game.

7. It is resourceful

What will you do when you are presented with a small pool of resources, yet there is so much to be done? Playing the game enables marketers to apply certain skills that will help them make critical decisions.

8. Improves relationships

Interacting with people whether casually or professionally determines the kinds of benefits you will receive. Marketers who play the game tend to have long lasting relationships with their new and existing clients.

9. Encourages problem-solving

It is a diverse and complicated game that requires numerous decisions to be made. Some of the decisions are minor while others require critical thinking.

10. Critical thinking

The game involves making numerous choices. Playing the game for a long time equips one with the ability to make critical decisions.

11. Helps marketers relax

After a long day at work, the players can meet and play a game or two. Playing the game reduces stress levels.

12. Improves the mental health

It is important to develop the mental aspects of our lives.Playing the game helps improve the mathematical and reading skills of the player. It is a game of numbers and requires strategic thinking.

13. It is cheap

Unlike other video games, this game has no hidden charges. It does not cost an arm and a leg to own this game.