13 Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships


13 Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships

Like all other industries, car dealerships must assimilate to social media strategies and its best practices, if they want to remain competitive and make the car buying process convenient for their potential customers. For years, many industries have gotten by on word-of-mouth or other traditional marketing strategies. But in today’s social media driven economy, consumers expect any competitive business to have an online presence and be interactive. Below are 13 social media strategies car dealerships should implement into their business.

1. Make sure potential customers can find you online – since, according to a Social Media Trends, a study performed by Digital Air Strike, social media networks are more important to shoppers than auto dealers websites. Therefore, its important for car dealerships to make sure they can be found across all of the various social media platforms.

2. Obtain good reviews and testimonials – 75% of auto consumers relied on Internet research and related reviews to help them make auto purchasing decisions and selecting an auto dealership.

3. Facebook – many consumers and potential consumers turn Facebook for variety of reasons. 66% of auto buyers claim to have clicked on a Facebook ad prior to purchasing a vehicle, which is a great strategy for auto dealers.

4. Targeting specific consumers – auto dealers can use social media platforms such as Facebook to place ads specifically targeted towards people who have expressed an interest in purchasing a car.

5. Twitter – according to Marketshare Research, the Twitter platform was responsible for driving roughly $716 million in car sales during the year of 2013. To that end, 327,000 auto related tweets were sent out each day and responsible for increasing auto sales.

6. Marketing strategies targeting millennial’s who use Instagram – research has indicated that the millennials have shifted their attention to Instagram as their platform of choice for mobile Activity. They use this platform to hear and review other stories, watch videos and look at images.

7. Using Pinterest to target the female audience – More and more females have gravitated to come dressed as a social network of choice. They tend to congregate there to exchange recipes, beauty tips decorating and other ideas, and making it a great social media platform to target the to talk to females who are very prepared to shop. already

8. Using YouTube videos as a marketing strategy – YouTube has been one of the go to sources to obtain immediate information and in a wide variety of areas. In fact, according to Force Marketing, 84% of auto consumers intend to watch an auto related YouTube video prior to purchasing their next car.

9. Interacting with customers – Social media has become the breeding ground for establishing initial relationship with potential customers. Being available to interact with consumers is another great social media strategy for auto dealers.

10. Remaining active – it’s critical for auto dealers to not allow their social media content to become stale with old, outdated information on it. That’s one of the first areas that consumers notice which is great importance to them.

11. Promotional offers – auto dealers can provide promotional offers, discount and / or rewards to attract consumers attention online.

12. Develop a following – Social media platforms are a great way to build a following and establish a fan base.

13. Check out other auto dealers – You can use social media platforms to check out the competitors. You can see whose name appears when you do a Google search for specific auto related terms. This will tell you what your potential customers see when them perform auto related Google searches.

Basically social media platforms offer a huge influence to consumer during their auto buying decision making process.