13 Super Easy Ways to Find & Keep a Remote Job Today


13 Super Easy Ways to Find & Keep a Remote Job Today      

If you have a deep desire to work from home, you are not alone. According to Forbes, a whopping 68% of America’s working class aspire to work remotely at some point in their career. Luckily, remote working opportunities continue to increase as savvy employers are realizing the win-win scenario that remote employees actualize. On the employer’s side, costs and risks are reduced while the worker enjoys superior convenience and comfort. Find out how you can land and keep the remote job of your dreams.

How to find the perfect remote job

The simple solution is job listing sites. They exist in the hundreds, and you can find something ideal if you look hard enough. Below is the crème de la crème.


Indeed has thousands of categorical listings and it allows resume uploading so that potential employers can discover you based on your skill set. It is a renowned and trusted site and definitely one of the first ones you should check out.

Up work

Up work focusses on small gigs as opposed to long-term opportunities. If you are good at design, content creation, programming, and tech, it may be perfect for you. Signup is free and you can start applying for gigs immediately.

Flex Jobs

Flex Jobs has over 33,000 listings from over 4,000 companies. Mostly short term, you can find something to keep you busy as you continue to hunt for the perfect, long-term gig.

We Work

The beauty of We Work is that it charges $200 for 30day job postings. As such, only serious employers use the site. Thus, you can be confident of exposure to solid opportunities that range widely duration wise. You can browse jobs categorically as per your skills, job titles, etc.

Skip the Drive

With an out-the-box name, Skip the drive’s approach to the job listing market is equally unconventional. They have many nifty resources including email subscription to ensure the perfect opportunity does not pass you by.

Remote Ok and Remote.co

Both by the same founder, Remote OK is tech oriented with the alternative of opting into a weekly newsletter while Remote.co focusses on training and managing remote workers to ease employer burden.

Working Nomads

Working nomads is a bit more recent but it has a decent number of postings all the same. It focusses on curating listings so as to deliver the most appropriate opportunities straight to your mail for scrutiny.

How to stay productive and keep a remote job

Of course, the two are directly related – maintain high productivity, and tenure is guaranteed. Follow the pointers below, and you will be safe for the duration of the gig.

Understand job demands

Without comprehending exactly what a job entails, satisfying the related tasks will be an uphill battle. Before taking up a gig, evaluate yourself and ensure you have the skill set as well as the resources to perform satisfactorily. If you have other commitments, consider your schedule to avoid biting more than you can chew.

Develop a schedule

For peak performance, develop a custom schedule. Otherwise, you will be unable to prioritize, and distractions will eat into work time. If a permanent gig, make sure you put in as many man-hours as you normally would if you were working in an office. Working in bursts of three to four hours with short breaks every 40 or 50 minutes boosts productivity.


Remote employers usually provide communication platforms to establish a working area where efforts can be combined. If you land such an employer, make the most of the platform. Do not be afraid of asking when unsure. Moreover, ask for help whenever you need it.

Minimize distractions

Freedom and lack of oversight easily lead to distractions. Friends, the noisy neighbor, cell phones, and kids are a few examples of the many things that may compete for your attention, and the only solution is enforcing strict personal discipline.

Develop a private office, put a do-not-disturb sign at the door, have social time-outs when you work for 40 or so minutes without checking your phone, etc.

Develop goals

Normally, the employer will set goals for you: deadlines, quality standards, expected productivity, etc. However, go a step further and set personal goals that exceed those set by your employer. Be the person that goes the extra mile.

Do your best

Strive to do your best at any task. This way, even if things fail to work out, your conscience will be clear. Do not take the freedom that comes with working remotely as a license to cut corners, and do as little you can to get by

Final thoughts

With the right approach, a remote job can pay the bills, bring out the best in you and avail some spare time to do the things you love. The fact that more companies are warming up to the idea is a sure sign that working remotely will only increase in popularity. Only effort and a leap of faith stand between you and your perfect remote job.

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