13 tips to create on-site reviews and testimonials pages


13 tips to create on-site reviews and testimonials pages 

Review and testimonial pages are avenues through which potential clients get to build an opinion on what your product or service is all about. Creating the best pages is thus a factor that has to be captured perfectly as it is what informs a stable process of building authenticity and ensuring your brand relates to the target market. There are several tips to utilize when trying to create the reviews and testimonials pages and they include:

Avoiding sales pitch

Bringing in a sales pitch in the reviews and testimonial pages is a wrong approach that breeds a level of suspicion within the target audience since what they are looking for is an honest idea of what the product or service is.

Focusing on how clients benefit

The major factor potential clients check out is how other uses have benefited from the product or service and placing the same in the testimonials is a sure way of attracting traffic and capturing potential customers.

Substantiate benefits clients get

In the reviews and testimonials. It is important to ensure that the claims of the product being effective have some facts and figures that support the same and substantiate the claim of it being the best.

Concentrating on the product or service

Concentrating on the values of the product rather than hard selling offers potential clients the chance to have a clear reflection which aids in decision-making.

Ensure reviewer relates to target audience

This is the crucial factor you have to internalize. A reviewer that potential clients can relate to brings in traffic and builds authenticity while one that the target audience does not relate to is often ignored.

Unbiased account of product or service

In establishing a reviews and testimonial page, it is important that an unbiased account of the product or service is presented to give a potential client a wholesome idea as it is what builds trust in the brand.

Combining handwritten and video reviews and testimonials

A reviews and testimonials page should have a combination of handwritten and video presentations which the target audience can relate to and form an opinion over to aid them embrace the product or service.

Setting up a call-to-action

On the reviews and testimonial pages, it is important to set up a call-to-action for clients and potential customers to leave a review after sampling the product or service.

Structuring public and private responses

Public and private responses to reviews and testimonials build trust and also provide users with a way of engaging with the brand.

Placing the reviews and testimonials on the sidebar or headline

Conspicuous reviews and testimonials attract the eyes of the potential clients that scan looking for interesting aspects that will inform them on the brand.

Offer a comparative case

With reviews, the fundamental factor to address is the benefits but a significant input is a comparative case where a user is informed the benefit that other brands do not offer.

Focus on consumer feedback

As opposed to when a review or testimonial focuses on praising the product or service, a more effective approach involves the focus on consumer feedback as is without editing out the real perspective of the user as it is what the target audience can relate to.

Optimize for search engines

Reviews and testimonials are supposed to be Google focused where you target review stars that will map the reviews at the top among others in the same niche which will improve visibility of your brand.