13 tips for discovering and prioritizing the best keywords


13 tips for discovering and prioritizing the best keywords

The best keywords are the ones that aid you in getting the best rankings. The idea therefore is to ensure that you target the best keywords that will map your site and content among the best and most relevant. The only way to get the best keywords is to discover and prioritize the appropriate keywords that will make the desired impact. Tips for identifying and prioritizing include:

Using Google keyword tool

The broad match option in the Google keyword tool is effective in letting you discover the keywords that are competitive and those that can be used in combined phrases to create a targeted phrase.

Utilizing Google trends

Google trends is an effective way of discovering the best keywords since it shows you the trending keywords which you can utilize in your own niche and campaign.

Using analytics

Analytics are responsible for determining the keywords that attract traffic for your pages and it is thus an effective way of prioritizing the keywords and identifying the keywords that give maximum gains.

Checking competition

Competitors usually have their own marketing campaigns and the keywords that they utilize. Checking out the keywords the competition is using can aid in discovering the best keywords to utilize.

Targeting search intent

Focusing on the search intent that users have and the target audience is characterized as utilizing is a way of discovering the keywords and keyword combinations that will work perfectly for the marketing campaign.

Collecting keyword metrics

Keyword metrics are very effective when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of a keyword and the amount of traffic that the keyword directs to a page.

Keyword grouping

An effective strategy for discovering the best keywords is keyword grouping since it enables you identify the right keywords and the combinations that can make the phrases that correspond to the search intent that users have.

Ranking for competitors’ keywords

Ranking for the keywords that competitors have used is a way of discovering the best keywords and identifying which ones can be given priority depending on the response received by the target audience.

Using latent semantic indexing

LSI allows you to discover the phrases that make an impact as far as search intent goes and this facilitates a determination of the keywords that need to be given priority with respect to the target market.

Compare multi-domains

A comparison of multi-domains provides a discovery of the best keywords and the high-ranking keyword combinations that attract relevant traffic to a page.

Evaluating CTR opportunities

When evaluating the click through rates, you are able to determine the best keywords that the target audience are clicking on. The click through rates also provide a pathway of discovering the keywords that you need to prioritize to ensure that users are able to click on the links to the site.

Get keyword suggestions

The best way to discover the best keywords to use is by targeting the keyword suggestions which combine AdWords, Suggest and results from the rating graph.

Creating a multi-metric algorithm

A multi-metric algorithm is able to quantify keywords and ensure that you get a chance to prioritize the profitable keywords and discover the keywords that enable higher rankings on the search engines.