13 Tips To Find Profitable Niche Markets & Keywords


13 Tips To Find Profitable Niche Markets & Keywords   

Whenever a business opportunity strikes, the first thing you should think about is the target audience. Even before you think about raising capital to start the business, it is noble to identify who your customers will be and devise mechanisms on how to reach this target audience. Successfully identifying your niche market will not only increase your return on investment but will greatly reduce the amount of funds and efforts used in trying to reach this target audience. In online marketing, it is equally crucial to quickly and successfully identify your target niche market for successful business.

The first step in identifying your online niche market, is to identify the common phrases which your potential customers might be using when searching for services similar to the ones you are offering. Identifying this keywords is however not an easy ask. To help you identify your niche market, here are 13 tips to find profitable niche markets and keywords as provided by our experts;

Be specific-The first step is to determine who exactly you want to conduct your business with. Identify the age group, geographical area and even the financial class of people you are targeting.

Smaller niches always win- The other tip to finding a more profitable niche is to target a smaller niche. Narrow down your focus to a certain group if you intend to make the most out of them.

List the products you intend to sell- Identify all the products that you intend to sell to your target market. It is important to identify a commodity or a service that you are passionate about. This way you will find it easy marketing it to the target niche.

Research the chosen product and the economic class- Before you settle on a certain commodity and the economic class you are targeting, conduct thorough research on the spending power of that class and their preference for the chosen commodity. This way you will identify a more profitable market niche and get the most out of it.

Equip yourself with the necessary tools and skills to succeed in the niche- Having prior knowledge and skills in the chosen niche is more than an added advantage. If it’s a new field you are exploring, equip yourself with the necessary information and techniques to succeed in the said field.

As for online businesses, here are a few insights and tips on how to find and incorporate profitable keywords into your online ventures;

Always focus on long-tail keyword- always pay special attention to long tail keywords if you want to succeed in moving your business closer to the target market. They will not only help you rank in the SERPs but will save you a lot of time and effort.

Use Keyword planner to refine the keyword phrases- The Keyword planner tool is essential in that it will help you refine your keywords. You will be able to analyse the performance of existing keywords and will even give you the suggestions for the best keywords to use.

Create keywords that encapsulate your content or products- before creating content, always jot down the possible keywords that people will use when they will be looking for products or content that you are marketing. Once you have the keywords written down, it will be easier for you to incorporate them into the content that you are creating.

Location based keywords- Are you based in Houston? Why not incorporate Houston in your keyword creation? People normally include their local towns and cities when they go online looking for various services. This means that when creating content, it is wise to include locations in your keywords to increase your chances of landing the customers in your localities.

Google Analytics comes in handy- if you are worried about driving relevant traffic to your site, use Google Analytics to identify the keywords and phrases that will help you get the much needed relevant traffic from your market niche.

Don’t overstuff- Gone are the days when keyword stuffing was the secret to ranking highly in Google and earning yourself traffic. These days the focus is on the quality of the content rather than the quantity of the keywords.

Keep an eye on the search trends-Keeping an eye on the search trends will help you to identify the new trends in terms of keywords and phrases that people use when finding services and commodities online. Identifying these keywords will help you to choose the ones appropriate to your business and incorporate them into your content.

Use the language and slang synonymous with your users-Are you targeting millenials? Why not use slang and language that they are conversant with? This way you will be earning yourself more relevant traffic as most people will feel at home when they read through your content. Keep yourself updated by checking the Google news and updates to find out the most searched and the new keywords that have sprung up. You have to know the real intent of your customers if you want to target them more, and knowing the language that they use is the first step.