13 Tips to Influence Branded Searches and Search Volumes


13 Tips to Influence Branded Searches and Search Volumes

What are you doing with your branded searches? If you are not doing much, it is time to shift the gears. Do not miss out on the numerous benefits of turning unbranded searches to the branded ones.

Here are a few tips that will influence your search volumes and branded searches.

Video transcription

Video transcription improves the brand searches rankings. This is especially true for YouTube videos. Include a written description below each video and see how your brand and search volumes will improve.

Create curiosity via brand advertising

Drive the search volumes by creating curiosity via brand advertising. Use various platforms, both the traditional and digital, to make the brand known.

Embed the searches

While this is a workable technique, it is important to note that it can get spammy and manipulative. The idea is to let people know there is more to the product than meets the eye. Let the people read reviews, send them emails and do it over social media.Direct them to the Google search results page.

Public relations and content marketing

Guest contributions and content marketing are great ways of influencing branded searches. Use events and sponsorships to drive the curiosity levels of the audience to higher levels.

Proper keyword association

Use keywords and phrases from trustworthy documents that Google will like, trust and index. It should aim at influencing the target audience.

Be social

Use your relevant social profiles to create attention. Optimize your profile to fit your brand searches. Use social media to connect with the target audience.

Learn and sticks to the marketing basics

What do you need to know about branded searches? What can you do to improve your search rankings? Understand the basics first and stick to them before taking up on the advanced techniques. For instance, you need to make your searches more specific in nature.

Optimize the experiences of the user

Stop treating users like faceless entities. The post-click engagements on your searches should send the signals that you care about the user. Offer tangible metrics to the users.

Regular updates

It is important to ensure that you update the information and let the users know about it. Also, the information should remain relevant and informative.

Tag your content

Use standard tags such as meta descriptions and headers while in your searches,. It is crucial for user engagement. Additionally, it gives your page or site higher rankings in the search engines.

Write enough content

It is important to note that there is no ideal length for the branded search . However, it is crucial to ensure that the information available to satisfy the intent and query of the user.

Create designs for multiple screens

While creating your content, ensure you design a user-friendly site that works well across all devices. Desktop and mobile are the commonly used platforms. Mobile and desktop users should access information with a lot of ease.

Do not over-optimize

Over-optimizing will do more harm than good. Keep your search terms simple and user-focused. Avoid flooding your content with links or tags.