13 Tips for Millennials to Network and Find a Job


13 Tips for Millennials to Network and Find a Job    

More people are seeing the importance of cultivating thriving networks not only as a support system to ensure employment at all times but also as a way of achieving a higher degree of professional satisfaction. It is a strategy that can aid millennials, in particular, given that most of them are looking for entry paths into diverse sectors. As a millennial looking to network with the goal of securing employment, here are 13 illuminating tips on how to go about it.

Leverage family relations

Relatives and family friends are the logical place to start networking. Due to family bonds and the overall sense of looking out for each other in family settings, family oriented networking tends to be the most fruitful and the least demanding. You do not have to take time to prime your Uncle, or Aunt – simply go straight to the point and ask if they can get you a job.

Ask for an introduction

If your nuclear as well as extended family is in professional niches outside your area of interest or expertise, ask them for relevant introductions. Again, this approach reduces the priming legwork as a family member recommends you setting you up advantageously for any opportunities that may arise.

Invest in friendships

Besides family, friendships offer the other logical place to commence a networking drive. Thus, be careful to maintain cordial relations with both your friends and acquaintances. Also, develop an inquisitive disposition always being careful to be non-intrusive such that given the job opportunity you are looking for, you will know who to approach first.

Start early

Do not start networking when you earnestly need a job, instead, espouse a pre-emptive approach and start networking as early as you can. Notify those in your circles of your progress in school, for example, and ask them to keep an eye out in case befitting opportunities arise. This way, you will exponentially increase your chances of getting a gig when you really need it.

Be social

Networking is all about being social. You have to put your authentic self out there and risk rejection to meet worthy people who can help your cause. This means attending events, honoring invitations, get togethers, etc.

Hang out with the right people

You can judge the worthiness of friends by the level of productivity you achieve around them. More so, look at their backgrounds with the future in mind. Well-connected friends will translate to more opportunities for you. This, however, does not mean that you should vet your friends beforehand.

Go the extra mile

If you do land a meantime job, even it is not what you expected, give it your all and go the extra mile. Develop yourself into an attractive professional brand from the onset; you never know who might be watching. Also uphold honesty in your endeavors.

Do not burn bridges

When one of your contacts finally comes through, and you are sure a better job is on the way, do not burn bridges behind you. It is very tempting to do so especially if your current workplace is full of challenges and people inclined towards making your work life harder, but it is never worth it.

Follow up on your acquaintances

Sometimes, landing a great job means knocking on one door several times. Often, capable people give half-hearted promises of support and it is such promises that you should latch onto aggressively but tactfully. Follow up on anyone who promises anything that might help: from an introduction to niche event invitations.

Spread your wings

Usually, most people network fervently until they find a promising acquaintance after which they take their foot off the gas. Do not make the same mistake as you increase your chances of disappointment by putting all your eggs in one basket.

Even if you land promising acquaintances, keep on networking until you find exactly what you want. And when you do, continue networking still, albeit with less intensity. You never know what might come up.

Have the right perspective

When networking for a particular purpose, many individuals make the mistake of taking the interaction for granted as they expressly strategize on how to get what they want. In the process, they lose golden opportunities to make good friends and nurture deeper relationships. Do not err in this manner.


It is impossible to network effectively without being a good listener and a good judge of the ulterior meanings behind people’s words. Hone your listening skills and you will easily thrive in social situations and increase your networking prowess.


Networking is a social exercise and as with all exercises, perfection takes practice. This is why it is crucial to start networking early so that you can polish your social graces and become better at interacting with people.

In conclusion, the most important thing to do as you network is to have fun. Meeting and interacting with new people should be fun – at least after the ice has been broken. Expect rejection along the way, but do not let that discourage you from going out there and trying again. Above all, remember that the benefits of a healthy network go far beyond landing a dream job or opportunity.

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