13 Tips to Start an E-sports Team Today

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13 Tips to Start an E-sports Team Today

E-sports are becoming a major player in the entertainment industry. To tap in on the massive following that gaming has worldwide, E-sports have become a major source of incoming for very many people. People no longer treat competitive gaming as a leisure activity but rather a career from which they earn a source of livelihood.

E-sports have attracted many novices and newbies who want to start E-sports teams but have no idea where to start. Here are 13 tips to starting an E-sports team today to help you set up a formidable team that will win championships;

1. Charity begins at home

The first step should be o assemble a team of two to three individuals preferably your friends who love video games and share the idea. It is always advisable to start a team with people you are used to. People you enjoyed playing the video games together. People who understand one another will prosper together!

2. Plan ahead

Once you agree that you want to start an E-Sports team, then you need to sit down with the stakeholders who in this case are your friends and plan ahead. Talk about what you really need to get out of the business and how big you want to go. Proper planning will make it easy to implement the idea and kick start the business.

3. Set achievable objectives but challenge yourselves

As a budding team, you need to set objectives of what you want to achieve in the short term and long term. Set your goals and make them as realistic as possible. Let them be goals that will challenge your team to go further in the game.

4. Integrate Social Media

Before finally registering and officially commissioning your team, make your friends and family aware by integrating social media in your E-Sports plans. Create a Facebook page, Instagram post and a couple other social media platforms. This will give you a fan base to start with.

5. Funding

This is the most important yet most difficult part of the whole process. The set up capital needed to start an E-sports team that can compete in major tournaments has to be something in the neighborhood of $100K+. Raising this amount of money can be a problem especially for novices. Arrange for a fundraiser among friends and family. Engage your social media friends and let them help kick-start your project

6. Start small always

Considering how costly it is to set up a formidable E-sports team with high quality equipment, it is always advisable to start small. Make good use of the little funds you can raise and invest in good quality but not so expensive equipment. Buy just the necessary gaming equipment and then when you earn more funds you can upgrade.

7. Cut on unnecessary costs

You have to appreciate the fact that you no longer play the games for fun but compete as professionals looking to earn money. This calls for lots of savings and a cut on the expenditure. You will no longer be buying fancy joysticks but will be saving hard to upgrade the RAM on your gaming CPU. Save as much as you can!

8. Learn from the best

As a budding E-sports team attend gaming seminars, visit other professional teams and benchmark with the best in the business to get an idea of what running a team feels like. Mingling with others will help you harness the required skills needed to run a team.

9. Professionalism

You no longer are just a video gaming enthusiast but a businessperson looking too rake in millions from playing the games you love. However odd it looks, treat your friends and the business at large with professionalism as this will help you move to the right direction.

10. Seek sponsorship

To cater for the needs of your team members, upgrade your equipment and run the business, you will need to seek help and sponsorship from major brands. Draft appealing emails and other letters seeking financial aid from major brands that are affiliated to E-sports and you might get lucky.

11. Train hard win easy

Always make time to train with your team members. Training is a key part of the E-Sports industry. Train hard and you will be increasing your chances of winning tournaments and other competitions. Do what a normal sports team would do; create a training schedule and stick to it.

12. Recruit skilled players and grow your team

Once you take part in a few tournaments, you will realize the need to recruit more players to your team to increase chances of winning tourneys. Recruit skilled players and instil discipline in them. Motivate them and let them know of your business’ objectives. Make time to train as a team and prepare for tournaments well enough. When the chance to take part in a tournament surfaces, make the most of it and strive to win. Employ other people to run things like travelling, booking tournaments and marketing. This will give your team an easy time concentrating on the game and winning more trophies.

13. Pay back fans for loyalty

When things are going well, don’t forget to pay your ardent fans for their loyalty. Print T-shirts, caps and other paraphernalia and award them to the most ardent fans. This not only motivates them but will be a good way of selling your brand.