13 Tips for Writing a LinkedIn Blog Post to Expand Your Presence


13 Tips for Writing a LinkedIn Blog Post to Expand Your Presence     

LinkedIn blog posts avail a prime opportunity for individuals and brands looking to expand their presence. Not only can you publish your own pieces and generate good engagement and traffic but you can also learn from other excellent posts on how to ironclad and tweak your approaches for optimal efficacy. Here are 13 tips to help you along the way.


Good research is the crux of any article, and a well-researched article is easily discernible. It today’s age of information explosion, it is especially necessary to go the extra mile to stand out. First, develop a skeleton of what you want your article to be about and then conduct a comprehensive research/literature review.

Use positive language

Negative and outrageous articles may get you attention and traffic, but they will not cultivate the kind of presence you are after. Go for positive content instead. Minimize use of negative words in your piece such as cannot, anger, fear, pain, desert, etc.

Make it informative

When writing, adopt the notion that you are writing for the very elite in your niche: people who can correct factual mistakes in your copy and call your bluff. This way, you will go over and above in developing a quality post that leverages appropriate research to achieve a high degree of informativeness.

Write on what you are most knowledgeable on

In matters health, you will listen and respect a qualified doctor’s advice more compared to anyone else’s. The same applies to other industries meaning that you have a better chance of delivering a winning piece that will attract maximum attention if you write on the subject you are most knowledgeable and accomplished in.

Know your audience

As you write, try to see things from your reader’s viewpoint. If you are developing content on an area you are polished in like advised above, it will be somewhat easier. If not, do some research on what readers in your niche respond to first before commencing writing. It will help you write from a more effective perspective.

Use a borderline professional tone

Use a tone that is borderline professional. The idea is to achieve a tone that resonates with many without sacrificing the all-important image of professionalism. Be careful not to go overboard, or your article will read like a scientific journal. On the other hand, if your tone is too friendly, you run the risk of people not taking you seriously.

Typos and grammar mistakes

Tiny errors such as typos, improper grammar, ineffective sentence structures, poor word choice, etc., reflect very poorly on your brand. Be very careful not to commit any of these. Pass the article to lingually capable members of your circle for review or even hire an editor just to be sure.

Alignment with objectives

Develop a post that aligns with your professional goals; otherwise, the increased presence will not benefit you to the utmost. Ensure you take into account your conversion funnel, for instance, and determine into what category the piece will fit into. In a nutshell, the post should be part of a bigger strategic picture.

Ensure it is human-friendly

Niche driven writing sometimes takes off on a tangent shutting out interested parties who are not privy to niche specific concepts and fine details. As such, avoid jargon and use language that is easy to understand. Argue your points succinctly and see to it that your points follow a logical order. In short, make it elegant.

Use reliable references

In instances where you quote stats and findings, mention the sources. This will give your piece a well-researched feel and also boost its general appeal and elegance. Moreover, you will improve your image as a credible person.


In all honesty, writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you feel like you will spend 5 hours crafting a post that should only take two hours, you would be better off outsourcing the work and doing something personally more productive with your time. Finding a good writer may be challenging, but content mills are a good start.

Promote the article on other platforms

Although your primary promotion channel for the article should be LinkedIn, do not restrict yourself. Promote it on other channels such as Facebook and Twitter. The goal, after all, is to increase presence and the wider your scope of sharing, the better.

Use a call-to-action

The best articles spark useful conversations, and you can aid your cause by utilizing a soft call-to-action. Do not be forthright; rather, weave the CTA into the copy. You could propose a bold idea, for instance – one that you are sure will drive engagement.

Efficient writing takes time and practice, but it is not a hard craft to master. At the outset, expect a time tradeoff as you strive to birth the perfect piece. With time, however, you will become polished and easily whip up well-balanced blog posts in shorter periods.

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