13 Video SEO Tips That Can Impact Your Rankings


13 Video SEO Tips That Can Impact Your Rankings

How can you produce excellent SEO videos that will offer insight to potential clients? Here are a few helpful tips.

•Use videos to offer new information and solutions to problems

For one to get a higher video ranking for their  search terms, it is important to offer great content that aims at offering new information or solving problems. Producing great content is not complex or expensive.

It may be as simple as interviewing an expert on the subject matter or using a whiteboard filming session. Consider the following:

•Obstacles/problems the audience faces

•How can they accomplish their goals fast and efficiently?

•Videos should be easy to browse

Create user-friendly videos that viewers can easily search your content. They should link back to individual playback pages

Set up a gallery or video portals with tags and categories. It makes navigation easy and seamless

Have a separate landing page for each video

•Use of interactive video elements that the viewers can connect with easily

For every video that is watched, it should create an opportunity to guide the viewer to the next step.

It may be forms, surveys and in-video links that enable the interception of viewers at key moments and prompt action.

•Stick to the basics of video SEO

Best practices offer best results. Consider and stick to the basic technical SEO rules of video creation

•The metadata

Use smart, relevant and rich metadata to get the most out of the video resources. Use relevant keywords that will match your search type. Populate the hidden tags in HTML code for the landing pages.

•Transcriptions for usability, indexing, and content

Do not underestimate transcriptions in improving your search rankings. Add video transcriptions to the HTML of the landing pages directly to unlock the video content. It gives viewers the option of reading the video without missing the relevant keywords.

•Host videos on in personal domains

To get more rankings, host the videos on your domain. Use an online video platform that will build a sitemap on a domain in your site. If you embed on YouTube, you have given away all the credits for the content.

•Have a video sitemap

Besides sticking to the basics of video SEO, it is important to have a video sitemap that is properly configured.

Every video entry should be inclusive of a link to the landing page. It will increase the value of the resource site.

•Use YouTube to Preview

YouTube is a great way of making your content discovered. Use the awareness channel as part of your marketing. Make it a quick stop over before reaching the final destination.

Create short YouTube previews and use the annotations to direct the viewer to individual video sites on your domain.

• Allow others to embed your videos

Allow others to incorporate your work into theirs. It increases the potential for more inbound links to your website

• The keyword impact

While planning the video SEO strategy, include a tracking system that will determine the success of the strategy.

The tracking may be inbuilt in the analytic software or video platform. In some instances, it may be a custom code. The bottom line is ensuring that it reports n the number of people that make search types related to your content.

• Update the titles regularly

Keywords are crucial. However, they may lose relevance after a while. Update titles and keywords regularly to keep old content relevant.

• The right moment

Post the videos at peak traffic times. Determine the ideal time that viewers are online and schedule the posting time.