13 Video Strategies for Car Dealerships


13 Video Strategies for Car Dealerships

Are you aware that nearly half of all car buyers take the time to watch a video of their potential new car before buying it? Car shoppers love video; after all, it is considered the most engaging ad format. If you are not using videos in your car dealership, then you are missing an enormous opportunity of reaching a high number of cur buyers the smart way. Take a look at these 13 video strategies your car dealership should be using.

Sending car commercials to a client’s inbox

Send a professional video via email to prospects customers. Make sure to activate a view notification that will alert you once they watch the video.

Personal video in email messages

This video strategy allows your car dealership to drop a video into an email template containing a frame that can be customized with the name of a dealership and hyperlinks and send it directly to prospects. It is a great way of branding a dealership or thanking prospects for stopping by your dealership, buying or leasing a car.

Walk-around video

This is a great strategy of letting a prospect car buyer that the vehicle they have been waiting for has just arrived. Record a video of a new vehicle arrival and mail it directly to prospect buyers with your branding and contact information.

Collect and display video testimonials from happy customers

A video testimonial from a happy customer is a powerful marketing strategy. Capture a video testimonial from a happy customer and post it on your website.

Share videos on social media

Share video of your car dealership on social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook using a short URL link to every video.

Hold video contests from your website

A video contest service is a sure way to draw in prospect customers looking for a great prize or a discount on a car purchase. Video contests provide valuable marketing content and at the same time increase leads.

Use videos to train your sales team

Videos provide one of the best ways of learning. You can use a video to train your sales team about a new feature or a new vehicle. You can also send the video directly to them via email which they can watch privately.

Use a video message to announce new specials to prospects

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular compared to radio or newspaper marketing. Send video messages to prospects telling them about new car incentives and rebates.

Embed videos on your website

Make sure that the videos you embed on your website are fun and informative. Commercial-like videos won’t get any traction since they don’t get people excited.

Use video to share a dealership’s culture

Sharing behind the scenes videos of your car dealership’s team is an increasingly cheap way of building value, credibility, and trust with customers. Share the history and the values of your car dealership using short video that your can post on your social media pages.

Use video to confirm appointments

Interacting with your customers is vital in the process of car buying and selling. With video marketing, it’s important for a dealership to be different. Placing a short video call to confirm an appointment with a customer makes you more likely to stand out.

Send personal messages to your customers from service technicians

There is no reason to limit the number of personal video messaging your sales team sends to your customers. Mailing a short follow up video message from a service technician to a car owner can have a huge impact.