13 Ways Moms Can Earn a Legitimate Side Income


13 Ways Moms Can Earn a Legitimate Side Income 

The Internet is full of money making opportunities. However, the scammers are present in large numbers too. Here a few tasks that stay –at-homes can engage in as they raise their kids and take care of their homes. All these options can be done in the comfort of your home. You do not have to take time away from the children.

Get paid for your opinions

Take part in online surveys and earn some extra cash. The surveys take about five to 30 minutes to fill out. Signing up is free.

Website evaluation

Make extra cash by evaluating websites. Get paid $10 for 20 minutes website evaluation. All you need is to sign up, have a stable Internet connection, a laptop, and a microphone. Site owners want feedback about how easy or difficult it is to navigate their sites.

Online juror

Attorneys may want to get feedback on their cases before the cases go on trial, Sign up on their sites and receive notifications if a posting is made. The online jurors receive about $ 5-$10 per case. Payments are made via PayPal. You do not have to an attorney or legal assistant to participate.

Virtual Assistants

If you have reliable Internet connection and a laptop, excellent Internet search skills, you can become a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants deal with issues such as, making calls, scheduling appointments and finding the best prices for goods and services. Get paid $2.50 or more for each task.


Identify your academic specialty and create a workable schedule. Share your knowledge with the struggling students. Numerous sites allow free sign up for members.


Between changing diapers and tending to the kids, start a blog. You do not have to write about parenting issues only. Find a topic interests you. Write original, unique and exciting content will gain you followers.

Online business

Start an online business. It may be selling goods such as clothes or jewelry. Also, it may be a service promotion or advertising.

 Freelance editorial work

Maybe the idea of a blog does not sit well with you. Get some editorial work from the print media or non-profit websites that want editors and freelance writers. Some projects pay per hour, word or project.

Sell your photos

Are you a skilled camera woman? Capture excellent pictures and sell them to sites like Shutterstock.com. Earn between 25 cents and $120 for every image that is downloaded.


Bake some goodies for working parents for the school parties. Share some of your creations on social media and with friends.


Watch your babies alongside other people’s kids. Babysit for parents who work outside the home for a fee. The pay varies depending on the neighborhood with the least payment being $10 per hour.

Watch movie previews

Sign up for free and watch movie previews. Share your thoughts and earn as low as $5 for every movie watched. Besides watching the movie previews, watch celebrity interviews and the latest news too.

Pizza rating

Visit your local pizza place and rate their pizza. Write a review and earn some quick cash. In the review, include their business location, quality of pizza and their delivery time.