13 Ways to Get Your Content Seen

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  1: Distribute Your Content Understand what opportunities exist for content distribution.  There are so many avenues of distribution, but every one will be a good fit for your business. Experiment to determine which one works best for your business.  It might not be the one you expect. 2: Newsletter Newsletters are a great way to show your current clients how well your company is doing.  And to give you the ability to up-sell.  Digital and print newsletter are powerful storytelling avenues.  The more committed to your brand, the more likely a client will refer your services. 3: Winning Awards Awards are a great way to display your expertise.  Awards are plentiful in marketing worth working towards.  Publishing the award on your website earns reader trust.  The award creator will promote you on their channels as well. 4: Guest Blog Posts One of the better ways to reach an engaged audience outside your network is to guest post.  In particular, guest posting on non-profit websites is great.  A guest post provides them value in the form of content. 5: eBook Readers Often an ignored content distribution method.  But conversions are high; in some cases it is much higher than other channels.  Turn readers into customers on the iPad, Nook, Kindle, and other eReaders. 6: Other Brands Connect with other brands and see if synergy exist.  It will help you develop connections and explore verticals. 7: Mobile Marketing If desktop is too clustered, you can try mobile marketing.  Mobile traffic is now more than desktop traffic.  The real opportunity lies in understanding how to make your content easily digestible on mobile.  Mobile content is vastly different from desktop. 8: Magazines Print media isn’t dead yet.  Print is still a great way to use an already established distribution channel.  The negative is it generally cost more than digital. 9: Press Releases Personally my favorite method to garner attention.  News channel website will post exactly what you want.  But it seems that the news channel is posting it.   A press release can get out to thousands of media professionals.  And they are nice to show clients. 10: Video Video is cheap to promote.  For only 7 cents a click you can have a highly targeted campaign.  An initial investment is required for film equipment.  But generally it’s not very much.  In suggest investing in the best equipment you can afford. 11: PodCasts Like video, audio is a great opportunity without too much competition.  Podcasts are a great way to show expertise to an attentive audience. 12: Social Media Of all the channels, Social Media is the most accessible.  Most social media is free.  Building an audience is another story.  Done correctly social media is the best way to reach a large audience with minimal cost. 13: Trade Conventions A great way to reach customers who need your services.  Less of a hard sale then normal.