13 Websites to Earn Extra Money Online


13 Websites to Earn Extra Money Online

Did you know that you can make a lot of money online from the comfort of your seat? Well, there are thousands of websites that offer opportunities for users to make money by completing various tasks. Here are 13 websites to earn extra money online;

1. User Testing


This site will pay you money to test the working of a website. They pay from $10 to test a website which normally will take less than 30 minutes. They have an easy payment method and if you are good enough, you can accomplish 5-10 web tasks in a day. $100 a day is not bad, is it?

2. About.Com


If you are a good writer, then you might consider joining about.com. As user, you are required to write articles in various dedicated fields which are deemed as guides on the website. If you article is good enough, you can earn as much as $80 per article depending in how prolific you are in the field.

3. Listverse


Here her are hundreds of content listings in various fields. Each niche has a top 10 list posted every single day which means that there are numerous opportunities in fields like entertainment, bizarre, science, lifestyle and many other niches. If you write a 10 ten list in any of the niches and it is posted, then you will be paid as much as $100 for a list

4. Teespring


Design an idea that you would love to see on a shirt/t-shirt and earn bucks off it. All you have to do is use a tool they have on the website to design a t-shirt and set a minimum cost of the t-shirt. Once people love the design, they will make purchases and you will earn real cash.

5. Cracked


If you are a fun loving person that can play around with words to give rise to humorous articles, then cracked.com is your go to website. They will handsomely pay you for writing articles that are fun to read and which will attract traffic to their site. Earn as much a $100 per article if your work matches their standards

7. Swagbucks 


There are numerous micro-tasks here that you can do to get that extra pay. Complete surveys and fill questionnaires to earn a few bucks here. They don’t pay much but rather than waste time on Youtube, it is worth the time.

9. International Living 


If there is a particular journey or expedition you went on in a country and you loved it, then International Living gives you the platform to share the story in a post and earn cash. Get paid up to $75 for writing about the experience you had in that country.

10. Mindsumo


If you are a student in college and are looking for internship or a company to give you some job while you are on holiday, then this is the perfect platform. There are thousands of companies looking for students to accomplish various tasks and you will get paid for doing it.

11. Liveops


Well, make up to $29 per hour by setting up a call center in your home. Yes, they will pay you for taking calls from your home and serve as a customer service member. Great job that will earn you much more commissions.

12. Tutor 


If you are willing to share your knowledge online and become a tutor, then here is your chance to make hundreds of dollars in a day. Tutor students on various subjects and get paid depending on the complexity of the subjects and length of the sessions.



Answer a few questions on different subjects and get paid for it. Give your opinion on the best shopping joints, the best services you use every day and get free gifts, offers and paypal deposits. This by far is the easiest and quickest way of making money online