15 Booming Industries for Passionate, Millennial Professionals


15 Booming Industries for Passionate, Millennial Professionals    

For millennials, a lot more goes into choosing a career compared to previous generations. Prime among the considerations are salary, career satisfaction and making a positive change in the world. These factors, coupled with labor market dynamics and the general trajectory of the economy has led to some industries emerging as more ideal compared to others. Below are 15 booming industries in no particular order that passionate millennials find preferable.


The publishing industry has enjoyed elevated growth thanks to a spike in content demand driven by the many opportunities actualized by internet development. Big content companies that own different media channels are always looking for worthy talent and millennials are not hesitating to take advantage of the same. The average pay is $90,000.

The internet services industry

While internet use is widespread, there is still a big demand for quality services seeing that many areas are still inadequately serviced. Internet service companies give millennials an ultra-modern career path where they can be at the frontline in capitalizing on cutting edge technologies to change the world through internet solutions.


Leading companies in R&D looking to change the way people travel such as Tesla have made the transportation industry fashionable. Passionate and charismatic CEOs such as Elon Musk are also aiding the cause making it easier for millennials to feel inclined towards the industry courtesy of the great potential, and the chance to be part of efforts that can prove world-changing.


Intertwined with the transport industry is the energy sector which is attracting millennials who want to be part of the vanguard in the planetary search for sustainable and green energy solutions. The industry offers an average salary of $103,736.


The biggest appeal of working for the government is job security and being part of something bigger than oneself. The average salary of $91,000 also helps plus the many perks of such a job. Many opportunities that millennials can fit right into are opening up in governmental tech departments.

The chemicals industry

The chemical industry is booming, driven by shifting preferences in consumer as well as industrial products. Given that the chemical industry is also the backbone of multi-billion dollar sectors such as pharmaceutical and beauty, it is only logical. With an average salary of $92,000, Millennials are not wasting time in taking advantage of available opportunities in the field.


Shopping has gone online creating a need for skilled professionals who are competent in e-commerce solutions and structures. With an average salary of $91,000 in addition to the appeal of making shopping convenient and hassle free, millennials are easily gravitating towards e-commerce.


Healthcare has always been a premier career option, and its appeal has not wavered from generation to generation. Millennials have no qualms about joining medicine where they can play a part in saving lives and making the world a better place a patient at a time.


Research has shown that millennials have a deep desire to stand out and Architecture, as a career, offers them the option of etching unique creations into history. The industry has an average salary of $92,000, and its technical orientation makes it all the more appealing.

Computer hardware

Majority of the above fields involve computing to some capacity which makes it natural that the computing hardware industry would also burgeon. Opportunities are opening up in design and R&D giving millennials the chance to be part of revolutionary advancements. The average salary stands at $99,000.

Computer programming

The efficiency of computerized mechanisms has propelled the software field to the forefront as much as it has the computing hardware sector. Furthermore, the field is more millennial-friendly since gigs are aplenty not forgetting that programming activates a real chance of making it big in case the software goes viral.

Consumer products

Rapid technological improvements have fertilized the consumer product market leading to its bloom. From gadgets to creature comfort products, the sector is growing in all directions providing good employment for tech-oriented millennials. The average salary is $98, 920.

The gaming industry

The gaming sector has made giant advancement strides. E-sports has gone mainstream, the console and game development markets are thriving and the industry has even made several millionaire video game champions. Now a multi-billion industry with no signs of slowing down, millennials are finding it easy to settle down in the sector, with most of them already being video game fans.

Accounting, legal, banking and insurance sectors

Brick and mortar industries such as accounting and law, though not as popular as they once were, are not struggling to attract millennials. With an average salary of over $100,000 and the appeal of professional dignity, they are a perfect fit for millennials who tend to be highly educated.

Social media and internet marketing

Online marketing has taken off like a rocket and still being a young industry, entry qualifications are not steep which makes it easy for millennials to join in as long as they can perform. Online marketing spend exceeded the $75 billion mark, surpassing T.V marketing expenditure which highlights the high stakes in the sector.

The pervasiveness of tech is the most prominent factor behind the surfacing of prime opportunities for millennials in diverse industries. As a millennial, therefore, training in technology offers the best way to put one’s foot in almost any sector and enjoy a reasonable income.

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