15 Graphic Design Questions from College Students


15 Graphic Design Questions from College Students 

In an era dominated by computers and everything digital, to label graphic designers important is an understatement. Graphic design has become a much needed skill and companies are looking left right and centre to land the best graphic designers for various tasks within their organizations. The most amazing thing about graphic design that has attracted masses, is the fact that you can learn it on your own online without necessarily attending classes physically. It is a good way to earn cash on the side and it’s no surprise that college students are getting in on the act.

Although very many college students want to take up graphic design, very few of them understand what it entails and keep asking questions relating graphic design. To help solve a few mysteries and clear the air around most misconceptions and myths in graphic design, here are the Top 15 Graphic Design Questions from College Students and the right explanation and answers to the questions;

1. Must I be a good artist to take up graphic design?

Well, there are a lot of college students out there that are scared of taking up graphic design because they aren’t as good in drawing. Is there a relationship between art and graphic design? There certainly is a relationship but that does not mean that those who can’t draw as well can’t take up graphic design as a side hustle. You just need to be able to master a few skills here and there, visualize what you want to produce and you are good to go.

2. Do I have to have past experiences in the field to take up graphic design?

It doesn’t hurt to be a novice in this field but past experiences will certainly be of massive importance. People that have had past encounters with computer art and other forms of drawing have an added advantage but novices should not feel sorry because they can pick up the art in a few months.

3. Can I learn graphic design online?

Certainly yes! Although it is traditionally a course offered in technical schools and other colleges, it is possible to learn graphic design online through the numerous platforms available. There are thousands of online websites and platforms that offer free graphic design courses that you should check out on the internet.

4. Are there graphic design jobs in the market today?

If there is a field that you are almost guaranteed to get a job in today is graphic design. Companies and institutions all over the world need digital content now more than ever. This means that they are in dire need of graphic designers. Master the skill well enough and I can guarantee you there are millions of jobs out there.

5. How much time do I need to learn graphic design in college?

This is tentative! Depending on the amount of time you have on your hands, you can learn and master the art in as many as three weeks. I personally started from scratch and in a month or so had designed a few pieces. Dedicate at-least three hours of your time every day and learn new things about graphic design. In no time you will be a master.

6. How much does a graphic designer earn?

This is the other common question concerning graphic design is about the pay. Well, in America depending on where you are working, you can make as much as $2000 a moth working as a part-time designer. This is just an average figure because I know of people making as much as $100,000 a year off graphic design; it certainly pays.

7. Where can I work in the USA as a graphic designer?

There are very many places in the USA that you can work as a graphic designer. You can opt to work as a freelance designer looking for online gigs and referrals or opt to be hired by a company and work in-house with them. The media industry in America is the prime area to work in and you certainly won’t miss an opportunity here.

8. As a beginner, what should be my design rates? How should I charge my clients for pieces?

You have learnt the skills and probably landed your first gig in graphics design, how much should you charge your clients for the work? Remember it is a side hustle and you need to earn something reasonable from it but don’t go a step too far in a bid to make extra cash to use in college. Depending on the complexity of the job and the number of hours spent doing the piece, $20/ hour should be a good pick up price. Produce great satisfactory content and the rates can get better with time.

9. What are some of the must have softwares for graphic design?

For your graphic design to be simple and seamless, you will need a few copies of software to help you in your work. The most common include InDesign, Vectr, SVG Edit, Inkscape,Vizualize among others. There are thousands of similar programs online that you will need to take a look at.

10. Do I need to have knowledge in code to become a graphic designer?

No, you don’t need any code background for you to flourish in graphic designer. Having a little knowledge in code will however be helpful as some clients will ask you to edit information already available in their websites and code information will come in handy.

12. Is it a good idea to work for free just to get some experience in graphic design?

Yes/No. Unless it is a very small task that will take less than an hour, never settle for free jobs in a bid to earn some experience. People will take advantage of you and will make money out of your work. Some small tasks will however help you learn and earn a reputation before you get full time jobs.

13. I am looking for online freelance graphic design jobs, where can I find them?

There are very many sites in America and right across the globe that have very many freelance graphic design jobs. Sites like Upwork, Freelancer.com, Aquent and a couple others are a good place to start off from but it is always advisable to get clients with whom you will be working one on one for better pay.

14. Some graphic design programs and software are too expensive for me, can I download illegal copies of the same?

Haha, this is a tricky one but I will answer it to the best of my ability. Well, it really depends on the morals of the individual. When I was in college myself, there were not as many programs as there are today and landing even one was a hustle. We resorted to illegally downloading some of the cracked versions of the programs because buying them was almost impossible. I however am not encouraging illegal downloads and it is infringement of patent laws. If you can’t afford a software, it is advisable to look for a free version of it.

15. Are there online platforms to interact with other freelance graphic designers?

Yes, there are very many platforms on which you can interact and ask other designers questions. These range from Facebook pages to actual interact platforms. Go online today and find some of these platforms. Don’t shy away from asking fellow designers questions as well, it will help you get better.